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3147Family Lion of Judah Ring

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  • Stacey Fields
    Jun 19 1:50 PM
      Hi, Selassie artifact enthusiasts!

      I'm glad to have found a group like this, and hope some of you are still
      active and knowledgeable.

      I've been reading a lot about Bob Marley's ring, the connection to Emperor
      Selassie and find it interesting that time and time again this ring is
      referred to as if it were a singular artifact.

      I possess a gold on black Lion of Judah ring that was given to my
      grandfather by a very good friend of his. It was given to this friend by
      Haile Selassie himself upon one of his visits to Ethiopia. My grandfather
      died in the late 70's, so all I know is that the Emperor gave it to this
      friend (whom I do know by name), and many years later the friend gave it to
      my grandfather. I think that Selassie gave him the ring in the 50s.

      My sense is that the Emperor had several to many of these rings that he
      bestowed to friends and visiting dignitaries as gifts. But the Marley
      stories all make it sound like he had "the" ring that was left to the prince
      by his father, "his father's ring."

      I know there are many, many copies of this ring out there for collectors and
      Rastafarians, but I do know that this ring was given to our family friend by
      Haile Selassie himself.

      Does anyone know how many rings like this are out there? That is, that not
      only look like the gold lion of Judah ring but also were given directly by
      Haile Selassie himself?

      I love it and wear it, and have no desire to sell it, but I'm starting to
      think that perhaps its far more valuable than I had guessed.

      Thanks for any insight you may be able to share!


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