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KENYA : Report of the Culture Week Workshop

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  • Greve Gabi
    from Patrick Wafula -- report of the Japanese Culture Week in Nairobi! Here is the full report of the Japanese Culture Week Workshop for Nairobi Schools. The
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 2, 2008

      from Patrick Wafula --
      report of the Japanese Culture Week in Nairobi!

      Here is the full report of the Japanese Culture Week Workshop for
      Nairobi Schools.

      The workshop was organized in order to promote Japanese Culture among
      Kenyan children. The Japanese Culture and Information Department
      invited various Nairobi schools as follows:

      St. Elizabeth Academy
      Juja Preparatory School
      Moi Educational Centre
      Bellevue School
      Serare School
      Mountain View Academy
      Riara Road Primary School
      Makini School
      NPC Academy
      Juhudi Children Club

      As you can see, 10 schools in total attended the function. The
      Bamboochas on their part attended as facilitators to their junior
      brother and sisters specifically in Introduction to Japanese Poetry--
      Haiku. The haijin, who have been named in another mail, performed
      superbly well in all their presentations. They managed to inspire
      other children to write haiku and even invite them to their schools
      to teach them haiku! The haiku written by the 10 schools are being
      typed Patrick Sensei and will be sent back to Wairua Sensei and
      Isabelle Sensei for publishing on the various websites including the
      Embassy of Japan Website and in the Embassy Bulletin Magazine.

      The following are the lecturers/facilitators who presented during the

      Mr. Kikuchi: Welcome
      Mr. Kimani: Juhudi Childrens Centre: Ice Breakers
      Dr. Jiro Nozaka: Origami
      Mr. Wairua: Video on Japanese Culture
      Tamura Sensei: Karate
      Japanese Poetry: Haiku: Mr. Patrick Wafula
      Mr. Nakagome: Introduction to Japanese Language
      Mrs. Onaka: Chinese Dance and Show
      Dr. Florence Munyiri: Kenyan Experience of Japanese Culture
      Mr. Gachie Kiruri: Kenyan Experience of Japan
      Mrs. Irene: Children Folk Games

      The following are haiku by the children who attended the Introduction
      to Haiku lessons; they are from the above mentioned 10 schools:

      February famine --
      lions hunting
      for antelopes

      ~ Khadija Kivuvani (Makini School)

      February morning --
      fresh air from my window
      birds whistle in the trees

      ~ Michelle Wangechi (Makini School)

      January evening --
      wiping sweat
      how tiring

      ~ Jane Wambui (Makini Middle School)

      February morning --
      going into Japanese Embassy
      walking towards the video room

      ~ Brenda Muthoni (Makini School 5Blue)

      February morning --
      in the Japanese Embassy
      so much to learn

      January morning --
      a lot of dust in the air
      I breathe in

      August evening --
      shivering in cold
      no food to eat

      January morning
      the sun

      ~ Suzane Akinyi (Makini School)

      November morning --
      rainy day
      dripping wet

      January morning --
      New Year's Eve

      ~ Sveta Victoria (Makini School)

      There are so many children's haiku -- over 120 -- more to follow.

      Photos are here (and more may follow too) :


      Patrick Wafula

      Japanese Culture Week 26
      Japanese Culture Week 25
      Japanese Culture Week 21
      Thank you for the report, Patrick Sensei !
      And the many lovely photos make me feel right there!
      All the best to you and your haiku friends and peace for your country!
      Kenya Saijiki
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