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Welcome to the NEW hacking the mediavault!

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  • Chris
    Hello all, If your wondering when you subscribed to hacking the mediavault , this group use to be customfirmwareonthehpmediavault this just didn t sound
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 2, 2007
      Hello all,

      If your wondering when you subscribed to "hacking the mediavault",
      this group use to be "customfirmwareonthehpmediavault" this just
      didn't sound right, and was a little too long.

      So, I renamed this group, and have decided to shift its focus a bit.

      The new focus of this group is simply using the HP MediaVault for
      things it was originally not meant to do. otherwise known as "hacking"
      in geek slang.

      Why did I shift the group you ask?

      The reason is due to the way the source code of the MV's firmware is.

      there is just too much closed source software in the public source to
      make a completely new kernel. So the next best thing is just usign the
      existing OS and running custom applications, ect.

      The group will also provide support for anything related to hacking
      the MV, IE; custom kernels, custom software, "playing" with the
      source, and to the like.

      I have cleared all existing info on this group, so nothing from the
      "old" group still exists, other than the files, and membership.

      Chris Seto

      questions? comments? email me: Blue765dNO_SPAM@...
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