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Debian 9 and the MV2

I got the following message from Martin Michlmayr who asked me to post it here: Mike Thompson reported that Debian stretch (the upcoming Debian 9) doesn't boot
Aug 27, 2016

MV2 Debian and RAID1

Today I installed Debian Jessie on my MV2 following these instructions: http://www.cyrius.com/debian/orion/hp/mv2120/ I'm happy to say everything worked
John Blake
Feb 8, 2016

Re: [HPMediaVault] Generation 1 Media Vault Mother boards

The eBay seller “hppartsnmore” has brand new MV2010/MV2020 motherboards for $49.95 w/free shipping and accepts lower offers.
Stephen Tinius
Jan 26, 2016

Re: [HPMediaVault] Generation 1 Media Vault Mother boards

http://www.ebay.com/itm/121868483572 HP MV2010 Media Vault with 2x500GB Drives $99.00 Buy it Now with free shipping or make an offer Seller claims it has been
Stephen Tinius
Jan 26, 2016

Using MV2020 as an external USB drive cabinet

Hi! I have several MV2020s which no longer boot, but the power supplies still work. I'd like to use them as external USB (2.0 or 3.0) cabinets for the drives
Stephen Tinius
Oct 11, 2015

New MV2120

Yeah, I know YahooGroups are dead for the most part and it's been almost six months since the last message on this group, but this seemed like the most useful
Dec 7, 2014

Advantage of debian on mv2120

I am fairly new to linux but have had my mv2120 for many years.Just wondering what the advantage other than fun to do is there installing debian on my
Jun 21, 2014

Advantages of running Debian in the mv2120?

I have had my mv2120 for years but am fairly new to Linux. Sorry if this is a dumb question but what is the advantage of running debian on it rather than the
Jun 18, 2014

torrent sync - Segmentation fault hp mediavault (debian)

I have installed debian on my hp medivault 5020. (http://www.cyrius.co...mv2120/install/) I have tried to use btsync on it. I have tried to install manually
Jul 11, 2013

Advanced format drives in MV5150

I am looking to change out the drives in my MV5150. I would like to put in two 1tb drives. My only concern is that most, if not all, 1tb drives are now
Mar 7, 2013

Re: Is there a problem with Debian on the MV2120's and 2TB disks?

I also bought a tray for a MediaSmart server off eBay which worked fine in my MV2120. ________________________________ From: michael_peter_thompson
christopher edstrom
Nov 11, 2012

Re: Is there a problem with Debian on the MV2120's and 2TB disks?

The drive tray I received from Amazon was NOT compatible with the MV2120 and as far as I know Amazon doesn't sell any trays that are compatible (at least when
Nov 10, 2012

Looking for SYSTEM disk bracket and EXTERNAL disk tray for MV 2010

I recently purchased an MV 2010 from eBay (NO DISK). I have received it and it works, however the NO DISK actually meant NO DISK and no bracket for the
Nov 9, 2012

Re: Is there a problem with Debian on the MV2120's and 2TB disks?

Hi, You promissed to follow up on the drive tray from amazon. Can you share your experience, and link? Ildar
Nov 9, 2012

Re: Media Vault 2120 Drive Recovery

On the MV2 primary drive is the Linux server OS. Within that drive will be five, I think, directories, each directory contains a part of the functionality of
Brian McCarron
Nov 9, 2012
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