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Re: [hackers-il][META] scheme

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  • Omer Mussaev
    This is a moderating message. ... Moshe had stated that scheme syntax is a parse-tree serialization He complained that scheme syntax does not include
    Message 1 of 1 , May 10, 2000
      This is a moderating message.

      Moshe Zadka wrote:

      > On Wed, 10 May 2000, Shlomi Fish wrote:
      > > > What Scheme syntax? The one that doesn't exist?
      > >
      > > What do you mean by Scheme Syntax not existing?
      > What I mean is that Scheme's "syntax" is just a parse-tree serialization.
      > No shift/reduce left/right association, priorities, or any of those things
      > which makes a syntax. IOW, Scheme can be defined without syntax: just
      > explain the semantics of lists. The "syntax" is simply the serialization
      > format defined by the functions "read" and "write". If you re-implement
      > these, you get a Scheme with a different syntax.

      Moshe had stated that scheme syntax is a "parse-tree serialization"
      He complained that scheme syntax does not include "shift/reduce
      left/right association", "priorities".
      Than he stated that "serialization format" defined by "functions read and
      write" is in fact scheme syntax.

      Dear Moshe, I just did not get the point. You are looking on syntax definition,

      which declares whitespace and l/rparen to be separators/terminators. And
      you are complaining that left-right association is not there. However, you are
      totally wrong, since left-right association is defined to be conformant to
      "applicative normal form" (or whatever. call it as you wish).
      Which has nothing to do with syntax, but is defined at grammar level.

      Now, can you please:

      1. Stop braindumping. If you hope that no-one will get out of mess you are
      spitting out, sorry, pal, (not #t).

      2. Start explaining to me all that buzzwords. It is notthat hard to make
      yourself sound know-all, but in case you are willing to enjoy caring audience,
      you must
      come towards us, mere mortals, and make sure we are getting you right.

      3. Stop insulting people. I will have a hard time pursuading Meir to return to
      this list. I think that Meir was the only man here who was able to teach you
      Or PDF. Or scheme. Saying that Meir does not know scheme is close to saying
      dfried@... does not know either. Now, being a demi-god, Meir had
      and you are trying hard to make Shlomi leave. Stop that. Right now.

      > And please: cut the signature from messages you reply to!

      goto 3.

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