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April Fools jokes?

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  • Nadav Har'El
    This year I was out of the country (and mostly away from a keyboard) on April 1st, so I didn t get to enjoy the crop (or should the o be an a ?) of April
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 9, 2001
      This year I was out of the country (and mostly away from a keyboard) on
      April 1st, so I didn't get to "enjoy" the crop (or should the "o" be an "a"?)
      of April Fools jokes played on the Internet this year.
      When I tried looking around, I found only non-funny, non-interesting ones
      like sourceforge's lzip and freshmeat's "TecHomation" (I actually almost
      fell for the last one, but that was because it was too realistic, and not
      funny at all!). As usual, there were several joke RFCs (3091-3093) -
      3092 (Etymology of "Foo") was somewhat funny. 3093 is a bit too serious
      (and realistic), but it contains gems like "Since this protocol deals with
      Firewalls there are no real security considerations." and funky field names :)

      Has anybody seen a good "hacker"-related April Fools joke this year?

      If you want to read what could have been a great April Fools joke (but it
      is supposedly a real commercial offering), take a look at
      It is absolutely hillarious :)

      Another classic (but relatively unknown) april fools joke is Bjarne
      I actually read it, while on a quest to read all his interesting papers,
      without noticing the date (it isn't printed on the paper itself - only
      in his homepage he writes "Overload, Issue 25. April 1, 1998."); It starts
      out normal and interesting, but gets more and more bizzare as you read on
      until I could no longer believe what I was reading - either this was a joke,
      or Stroustrup has gone mad. Reading the last paragraph, I realized the
      former was the case :)

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