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Re: [hackers-il] Radio-controled multiple Reset buttons from LEGO + NURF

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  • Ury Segal
    All your ideas are nice, good and requires a development team. I was looking for something like the LEGO thing - I can do it from ready made parts without
    Message 1 of 5 , May 9, 2000
      All your ideas are nice, good and requires a development team.
      I was looking for something like the LEGO thing - I can do it
      from ready made parts without knowing anything about electronics.

      Build an I2C bus ?

      Omer Zak wrote:

      > Hello Ury,
      > You may want to consider the following technologies:
      > 1. Transmission of information via power lines (everyone of the 100
      > computers is connected to power, isn't it?). There are special modems
      > for this purpose. The keyword which I'd look for is "Echelon" - not
      > the system for gathering information, but the chip which implements
      > Local Operating Network. I don't know if the company which makes it is
      > still in business, though.

      > 2. Run two thin wires to each computer (well, one wire individually
      > to each computer, the second will be common).
      > In each computer, the wires will go into a low-power relay, which will
      > short together the reset button's wires.
      > If no low-power relay is available, then run the wires into a
      > transistor (which will provide power amplification) and it'll power a
      > regular relay.
      > For the transistor+relay, you'll need a source of 5V and few hundred
      > mA - should be available from the computer's own power supply.
      > The circuit will need the following components:
      > - Relay
      > - Transistor
      > - Resistor (to limit current into the transistor).
      > In addition, you'll need sort of control panel which will activate
      > a selected subset of those wires.
      > 3. Since you need to individually address the computers anyway, it may
      > make sense to build a single I2C bus (or something similar) which runs
      > through all the computers. To each computer, connect a circuit which
      > decodes the messages passing via it and when the circuit recognizes its
      > own address, it activates the relay.
      > This way you'll need to have only 3-4 wires (for signals and ground)
      > and they will run through all computers.
      > See comments below.
      > On Mon, 8 May 2000, Ury Segal wrote:
      > > Hi
      > >
      > > I want to build a system that will enable me to press the reset
      > > button on PC for more or less 100 computers, each indevidualy or
      > > a group of them, by some kind of remote gadget.
      > >
      > > Basically the reset button shorts some Jumper on the motherboard.
      > >
      > > So I was thinking about buying a LEGO kit that have remote control,
      > > and some LEGO kit with mechanised operation, and LEGO BASIC, and build
      > > the thing. The problem is that it will costs 100 times this, and I
      > > am not sure how diffrent the LEGO remotes are.
      > >
      > > I can also build an IC for it, but I don't know jack shit about it.
      > > And I DONT want to use cables. I want to use RF.
      > >
      > >
      > > Beside, if you use cables to short-circit the jumper from remote, I
      > > suspect the resistance of the cable will be too great, and I will
      > > have to use thick cables.
      > This is not a problem if the cables have to pass only signals, not power.
      > The computer's own power supply can provide any necessary power, locally.
      > > Any other amature RF-using devices exists, beside LEGO, that you
      > > know about ?
      > >
      > > Maybe InfraRed ? Given you don't have to point it to the direction of
      > > the computer...
      > You do have to point it to the direction of the computer, unless you
      > flood the room with modulated IR.
      > --- Omer
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