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Re: [hackers-il] what the heck we"re gonna hack tomorrow?

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  • asaf@log-on.com
    ... of any ... from ... invoke ... Linux ... exclusion of ... I ll second this. After all, isn t this list interested in other hackers? Heck, some hackers
    Message 1 of 7 , May 8, 2000
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      --- In hackers-il@egroups.com, Omer Zak <omerz@a...> wrote:

      > > 5. Official linux distribution of this list will be Debian. Use
      of any
      > > other distro will be considered harmful (user will be executed
      > > list, or hurt in any other way, or sold to Oracle)
      > This contradicts your statement that the list shall be a level of
      > abstraction higher than the Linux-IL mailing list. The list should
      > information hiding principles, and decline to specify an official
      > distribution. It should even decline to specify Linux to the
      exclusion of
      > FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD and the Hurd.

      I'll second this. After all, isn't this list interested in other

      Heck, some hackers don't _know_ Unix, but are definitely hackers.
      I personally know quite a few. Some hackers create hacks that
      operating systems. I really think it would miss the point to devote
      this list
      exclusively to Unix hackery, albeit it's a probable focus.
      My OS of choice is Unix, but I don't run one most of the time. My
      hacking language is Perl, but I mostly hack in English.

      Diversity rules.

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