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Re: [hackers-il] Heterogenous database usage, anyone?

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  • Shlomi Fish
    Hi Omer, On Sat, 30 Jul 2011 18:05:00 +0300 ... During my first year at the Technion (1997ish), I briefly worked for a company called ISG (= “International
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 31, 2011
      Hi Omer,

      On Sat, 30 Jul 2011 18:05:00 +0300
      Omer Zak <w1@...> wrote:

      > Is there anyone with experience with using an heterogenous database
      > setup?
      > There is some data, which is natural for RDBMS storage.
      > There is data which needs to be ACID-compliant (such as accounting
      > information).
      > There is data which does not benefit from the rigid structure of RDBMS
      > (such as documents and images).
      > Different kinds of data also differ in their
      > storage/retrieval/availability/searchability needs.
      > So it is reasonable to use a different DBMS technology to store each
      > kind of table.
      > However, sometimes it is needed to link together those different
      > technologies. For example, if one wants to run a query on a multi-table
      > join where the tables (or their equivalents in technologies which have
      > no concept of a table) reside in different DBMS.

      During my first year at the Technion (1997ish), I briefly worked for a company
      called ISG (= “International Software Group” IIRC) that developed a product
      called “ISG Navigator”. It may have been discontinued because the best I could
      find about it on Google is:


      which is from 2001 and mentions a lot of out-of-date technologies (and does not
      mention many more recently popular ones).

      In any case, what this ISG Navigator did was allow one to access data
      (CRUD/etc.) from multiple different databases of different SQL and non-SQL
      database servers, using the same unified interface, including crossing data
      from multiple different sources. Some Perl mongers I talked with about that,
      said that they'd rather not use something like that, because there would be a
      problem of maintaining data consistency and integrity across different servers.
      Maybe ISG Navigator had a way to overcome this.

      Since then I have not really thought about this problem, and it's possible
      there was too little demand for something like ISG Navigator to provide for
      continued research into this issue.


      Shlomi Fish

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