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Fwd: August Penguin 2009 Keysigning party

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  • Shlomi Fish
    ... Subject: August Penguin 2009 Keysigning party Date: Monday 06 July 2009 From: Shay Ohayon To: linux-il
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      Subject: August Penguin 2009 Keysigning party
      Date: Monday 06 July 2009
      From: Shay Ohayon <shay@...>
      To: "linux-il" <linux-il@...>

      Hello all,

      Like every year, this year we will also have a GPG Keysigning party,
      you are all invited.

      For those who are interested;

      - Make sure that you send your public GPG key (.asc file), your Key
      ID and the Key Fingerprint to shay@... with "AP09" at the
      beginning of the subject *before*
      05/08/2009. If you are changing keys (upgrading algorithm or you
      revoked your old key for any reason) please attach the old key as
      "oldkey.asc" and its fingerprint.

      - Make sure that you bring a copy of your Key fingerprint yourself
      and a pen, you will recieve a list of keys, UIDs and fingerprints

      - Bring any personal document that has your picture and name, for
      example, ID, driving license, passport, etc

      - Make sure you come to August Penguin 2009 :-)

      For those who are new to GPG and are interested in participate, feel
      free to read:

      http://www.gnupg.org/gph/en/manual.html (in english)

      For further information regarding GPG Key signing parties, pleas check:


      Facebook Event page:

      For any questions, suggestions or the like, please feel free to
      contact me directly.

      Best regards, see you there

      PS: If you are a member of a related forum or mailing list, please
      help to spread the word, make sure that you provide my email address
      too, thanks in advance :)

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