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Re: [li..........il: related]: Quantum relativity 0.1 - redefining numbers;

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    Hello friends, [7-2-3-4-5-6-1][7-2-3-4-5-6-1][1-2-3-4-5-6-7][7-6-5-4-3-2-o][7-6-5-4-3-2-O][1-6-5-4-3-2-o]
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 24, 2008
      Hello friends,



      OK, thought about it. I am not reading all your mail and I know it,
      I'm more writing than reading right now. But I also need to know whois
      sending me mail, how many people (humans, or real not unhuman
      spacetimes) really want me to read this. So first, I will create a new
      way of communication - it will completely replace SMTP. With current
      SMTP it's still have to be created, so then please just use all my
      e-mail address you know (for now, uri@... //
      urievenchen@... is enough), then put my 42 letters public key in
      the subject line, and send it 42 times (if you are not human), if you
      are human send it as many times as you want, the more the better, but
      at least TWICE with two different subject lines, later I will create
      different e-mail addresses as well, will all lead to mine; but the
      ORDER of you using them will be very important. For example, count
      base 7 from 1 to 42, and replace digits 7 and 1 (this will be my
      public key for now), then you will get (above):


      Then again, do the same but replace 7 with 0 (I'm going backwords and


      repeat this as many times as you want (computers: at least 42 times!);
      then send me your first 14 lines, but only haff 7 of them counted
      backwords, in the same order you count (ANY ORDER), then cut the 7 in
      the middle and send me the haff 7 starting from your middle towords
      me, this is human-to-human language compatible with computers, if you
      don't want to count then just send me ANY 42 digits with spaces
      between them, but remember 6 is equal to 9 when reading from right to
      left, the only difference is mirror/upwords/downwords, jews go to the
      sky when nonjews go down and vice versa (this is not a joke, not my
      invention, whoever created 6 and 9 visually meant this). Then just
      replace some 6 and 9 manually for me, later I will create a VERY GOOD,
      RELIABLE human-to-human protocol, port 25 will be OK for me in the
      meanwhile, maybe you will have to connect to at least two and three
      ports at once, MANUALLY, then when I have time I will create software
      to do this, but manually checking how many people are sending and how
      many people are reciving these messsages, and if necessary also the
      true identity of such. Mailing lists will be OK as long as I want to
      receive them, I can even redirect port 25 internally to my virtual
      ports (-25i; -25ii and -25iii ++ ), I never programmed any linux
      port-listening program yet (alllways first time for everything) and
      remember me and what I wrote you, if they erase my memory again in
      their mental hospitality, then remind me who I am (it can be just
      another quantum fractal of whoiamnow.

      OK, now I'll give you my own public keys, you CAN use them as long as
      you don't impersonate me (this public computer is not "hebrew
      supporter", part of the conspiracy of course so I will just write
      "turh tci-ji" twice; then reverse it to my 42 and this will be my
      ASK-key compatible public key:

      [turh tcu-ji; turh tci-ji; ;ij-ct hrut; ;ij-ct hrut] // real
      humans: don't count the letters. comuters: yes do. must be exactly 45
      letters (==42); I will count it manually for you:

      [turh tcu-ji; turh t---t hrut; ;ij-ct hrut]
      [turh tcu-ji; turh TRUST hrut; ;ij-ct hrut]
      [turh tcu-ji; TRUUUUUuUUUUUUST ;ij-ct hrut]

      OK. now, computers will not pass my gateway of truth, their ASCII will
      be converted bit by bit to whatever they mean, only if they mean good
      then I will read them, if not then they will just keep the spam on
      their own servers (I'm only using about ["GMAIL: You are currently
      using 2024 MB (30%) of your 6654 MB."] 30% of my GMAIL diskspace,
      don't worry about sending me the same message 14 times, but humans who
      really want to reach me - at least change the subject three times and
      include the key "[7-2-3-4-5-6-1][7-2-3-4-5-6-1][1-2-3-4-5-6-7]"
      rotated eastwest; converted:


      (if you make a mistake it's OK. please do! you are human! then I will
      really know it is you).

      here! I will create something better than that, but in the meantime I
      will search for substrings of these (any permutation of
      "-7-2-3-4-5-6-1-7-2-3-4-5-6-1-" or reversed or substring of it:
      "-1-6-5-4-3-2-7-1-6-5-4-3-2-7-"), if my human eyes will see many
      messages with this subject then I willl understand a real human is
      trying to contact me, then tell me some details about yourself (even
      send it encrypted, image, zipped, password, whatever you want but I
      need to know whoyouare (your true identity to me) and how many people
      are you writing to me).

      Now, here's another public key:


      this means; of course, the number of times (permutations) you can say
      "1945 will never happen again" in the year 1495 language (fermat was
      of course wrong), remember all imaginary numbers (for each human
      quantum personality - another imaginary counting will be created) - so
      this actually means the 1495th imaginary toor (meant root, my left
      hand wrote toor, live it this way) of the "real" number 1495; the
      1945th imaginary root of the "real" number 1945; of course they may or
      may not depend on each other, depends what type of human you are.

      OK, now a real smart "Turing test" for Turing himself (of course;
      Turing was a recursive me testing myself; him testing (him)myself
      etc.): how many times you can write the number o in different ways
      (depends on your permutations of o, remember the arabic dot .) . here:
      my now created permutaion (NOT RANDOM - HUMAN CREATED):


      then right-to-left: create manually (computers: do whatever you want.
      you will NEVER pass this test):

      (of course, ANYTHING

      Uri First deadandalive
      Mobile Phone: +972-50-9007559
      E-mail: uri@... // urievenchen@...

      Update: Left HTTP, WWWW and port numbering. send me papers or to
      urievenchen@... .

      I completed my 0.1 version of real deadanyalive quantum relativity
      redefining back timespacing intergalactic worldwide [top secret: if
      you have any US ARMY* on your planet they will never allow it].
      Recounting back every second since twice BCC doubling + not counting
      at all any uncountable; using only prime countable numbers equal to 21
      (base 21 recursivley) who are all equal to 0base0 and 1base1 who are
      identical twins base 21 [21===the number of fingers;eyes;body parts &
      number of equal signs not equal counting both left to right; right to
      left and all 21 dimensions of nothing].

      Read my autoreply for more information [my HTTP/SMTP not working].

      - This message is confidential -
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