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Re: [hackers-il] Free Software compared to Terrorism - looks like the ultimate in FUD

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  • Arik Baratz
    ... Just FYI, theobjectiveobserver.com is a personal web site, registered to: Greg Deckler 155 Jackson Blvd Plain City, Ohio 43046 United States It s just one
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 18, 2008
      On Tue, Mar 18, 2008 at 6:41 AM, Omer Zak <w1@...> wrote:
      > http://www.theobjectiveobserver.com/articles/technology03.shtml

      Just FYI, theobjectiveobserver.com is a personal web site, registered to:

      Greg Deckler
      155 Jackson Blvd
      Plain City, Ohio 43046
      United States

      It's just one person writing all that, and he's far from being
      objective or logical. Let me use the good old ad hominem attack and
      bring just a few quotes from other articles:

      "Pi is the unsolvable equation for life because pi represents a
      perfect circle. Life is a perfect cycle in a world of imperfection."

      "The Maxwell's demon thought problem forms the basis of a scientific
      hypothesis for God."

      "So then, here's the kicker. Despite all of these brains, despite all
      of this history and despite the fact that the general effects and
      properties of all of these forces are well known and understood,
      physicists STILL don't actually know WHAT a force really is. No,
      really, I'm serious. Now, think about this for a minute. This is like
      coming home to your 12-year-old son standing in the front yard with a
      baseball bat, a broken window and a baseball inside your house and not
      being able to explain what happened. What passes for an explanation is
      that "fermions" exchange "virtual particles" which mediate the
      "interaction". I seriously and truly do NOT make this stuff up folks.
      Somebody else does. "It's not my fault dad, the fermions did it!".
      Damn you fermions, you'll pay for my window. I mean, at least they
      could have come up with a term that doesn't sound like an alien race
      from Babylon 5."

      "OK, so the Jews were slaves thousands of years ago, we're talking
      B.C. here folks, in the Middle East. Moses led his people (the Jews)
      out of slavery, parted the Red Sea, yadda, yadda. Now, first of all,
      it is not like the Jews left the Middle East under the best of terms.
      People hated them thousands of years ago because they were the slave
      underclass. People thought of them as property, not people. Second, if
      the Biblical text is to be believed, it is not like the Jews worked
      real hard to endear themselves, spreading plagues, raining toads,
      killing people's first born and the like. No wonder they were driven
      away into the desert! I mean...come on."

      and the clincher:

      "The Internet, the great time waster. People waste their time to
      provide content and other people waste their time consuming that
      content. It is a sick, twisted little circle that feeds inexorably
      upon itself. It's a nauseous, corrupt version of the six degrees of
      Kevin Bacon where with each link the information becomes less useful
      and finally just plain weird."

      Take care,

      -- Arik
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