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OSDC Israel 2007, Call for Participation

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  • Gabor Szabo
    Call for Participation Please mark your calendars! The organizers of OSDC::Israel are glad to announce that the next conference will be held on 20-22 February
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 16, 2006
      Call for Participation
      Please mark your calendars! The organizers of OSDC::Israel are glad to
      announce that the next conference will be held on 20-22 February 2007.
      There will be additional events such as tutorials and a Perl 6 hackathon
      near the main conference; the exact schedule will be announced in the
      next month or so.

      OSDC::Israel is an international conference for Open Source Developers,
      running now in its second year in this form and as Yet Another Perl
      Conference (YAPC) for the three years prior to that. The conference has
      attracted renowned speakers worldwide, such as Mark-Jason Dominus,
      Audrey Tang and Larry Wall.

      This year's conference is held in participation with ICSEM '07, the
      Israeli Conference of Software Engineering and Management.

      Our venue is the Netanya Academic College, which has already graciously
      hosted us last year.

      We would like to invite speakers, volunteers, attendees and sponsors.

      We already have two guests:

      * Audrey Tang, of Perl fame, lead developer of Pugs
      * Zeev Suraski, the CTO of Zend, maker of PHP

      A detailed Call for Papers can be found on the conference web site
      (<http://www.osdc.org.il/2007/call_for_papers.html>). If you believe you
      have something interesting to say about software development,
      deployment, or management, especially in the Open Source context, we
      would like to hear from you. Past topics included (but were not limited

      * Code techniques (Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby)
      * Powerful tools for any of the above
      * Interaction between technologies in Open Source
      * Software testing
      * Management techniques
      * How to make money from writing Open Source software
      * Future plans from language designers

      Main track talks will be 20, 45, or 90 minutes in length; in addition,
      there will be a lightning talk session intended for less experienced
      speakers or for those with small or humorous topics.

      OSDC is a very low cost conference in the spirit of open participation
      and community sharing. One way of giving back to the community is to
      offer your time for any of these:

      * Design the web site of the conference - <http://osdc.org.il>
      * Designing, printing, and distributing conference posters/flyers
      * Administrative help with billing
      * Production help (our interface to food, A/V, and other providers)
      * Assemble conference material
      * Docmaster (edit and produce conference proceedings)

      Any help you can give in one or more of these categories will be well

      We are seeing a growing number of conference-goers, both from Israel and
      international guests. OSDC is growing nicely and we are happy for it! If
      you have any questions about arranging a visit to Israel please contact
      the organizers (see below). Tell and bring your friends!

      OSDC is a gathering of highly skilled technological people. If you have
      benefited from the effort of Open Source people in the past, please
      consider sponsoring the event. We are not a commercial conference but
      your support will be acknowledged fairly.

      There is an option of a job fair this year; contact the organizers if
      your company is interested in participating.

      Communication: Mailing lists, wiki
      In order to ease communication the conference has two mailing lists:

      * Announcement list: <http://osdc.org.il/mailman/listinfo/osdc-news>
      * Discussion list: <http://osdc.org.il/mailman/listinfo/osdc-discuss>

      If you have not done so yet, please subscribe at least to the
      announcement list in order not to miss any important news.

      In addition we have a wiki: <http://wiki.osdc.org.il/>.

      The main conference web site: <http://www.osdc.org.il>.

      Please direct all queries to organizers@....
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