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  • Shlomi Fish
    One day I was searching for the list of computer languages on Google to see if a name I thought of for a programming language was already taken. I came across
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 16, 2006
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      One day I was searching for the list of computer languages on Google to see
      if a name I thought of for a programming language was already taken. I came
      across Wikipedia's list of them:


      Which has an alphabetical list:


      Now on the Alphabetical list, I found a link to the list of BASIC dialects:


      This list is extremely long and exhaustive.

      Another list I found is the list of estoric programming languages:


      Where I found Var'aq, which is a programming language written in Klingon:


      One of the categories the latter belonged to was the Non-English-based
      programming languages:


      Now, this time I found an omission: Bsisith, a dialect of BASIC written in
      Hebrew. So I added it:


      I also added it to some categories and to the list of BASIC dialects. It's
      still a very short article, as I have little information about it, so if
      anyone of you know more about Bsisith, please add more information there.

      The English Wikipedia has a long article about BASIC:


      The Hebrew version, OTOH is just a short stub:


      Due to the nostalgic feelings I have for BASIC, I'd like to translate sections
      from English to the Hebrew article, but naturally could use some help. (I
      already translated some sections about Perl).

      On the IRC I was told that someone recalled a version of BASIC written using
      the Cyrillic alphabet, with keywords in Russian. I could not find it in
      Wikipedia, so if anyone has more information about it, please fill it in


      While I was in the neighbourhood, I checked the Perl page and stumbled upon
      a page about Perl's JAPHs:


      JAPHs are Perl programs that print "Just another Perl hacker" in various
      clever ways. One can find there a JAPH that is composed entirely of letters
      and whitespace:

      not exp log srand xor s qq qx xor
      s x x length uc ord and print chr
      ord for qw q join use sub tied qx
      xor eval xor print qq q q xor int
      eval lc q m cos and print chr ord
      for qw y abs ne open tied hex exp
      ref y m xor scalar srand print qq
      q q xor int eval lc qq y sqrt cos
      and print chr ord for qw x printf
      each return local x y or print qq
      s s and eval q s undef or oct xor
      time xor ref print chr int ord lc
      foreach qw y hex alarm chdir kill
      exec return y s gt sin sort split

      And a JAPH that only uses punctuation:


      Isn't Perl a wonderful language? ;-)

      I don't understand them but they both work.


      I also found a page about FUBAR:


      It points to SNAFU:


      Which in turn contains a list of other Army acronyms including my favourite
      "DILLIGAD" (= "Do I look like I give a damn?").



      Shlomi Fish

      Shlomi Fish shlomif@...
      Homepage: http://www.shlomifish.org/

      95% of the programmers consider 95% of the code they did not write, in the
      bottom 5%.
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