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Re: [hackers-il] How to poison troll food?

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  • Adir Abraham
    Omer, Your poisoned food can be some sort of a winning arguement which you may or may not have. Define your troll , please: 1) If a troll by your definition
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      Your "poisoned food" can be some sort of a winning arguement which you may
      or may not have. Define your "troll", please: 1) If a troll by your
      definition is someone who has sorts of "behavior" problems, such as
      getting down as low as hitting you personally, despite the fact that he
      gives relevant arguements (and he did, and I can see some members changed
      part of their thoughts because of that) - that is, expressing his thoughts
      while smashing you in the meanwhile - you have two choises: either give
      him back a winning arguement (he likes talking about coding and security.
      The truth is that I haven't seen someone answered him exactly about those
      things and tell him that he's wrong. IF he is wrong. I might have not seen
      it and if I haven't - please correct me), or define a policy that getting
      "personally" in such arguements is prohibitted and may lead to banning
      from the mailing list. It's up to the mailing list moderator and/or the
      policy of the "management" (the board, if we are talking about Hamakor now).

      2) If your troll is some sort of a problematic person who doesn't say
      anything useful, doesn't know what he's talking about, and he's here to
      disturb and to interrupt (and I really doubt that whom you're talking
      about is defined that way because he does know what he's talking about
      and he does have winning or at least interesting arguements) - just ask
      the moderators to ban him as soon as possible. I can't define it better.

      Anyway, if the Troll is definition #1, you just gave him NON-poisoned food
      so he will keep bashing you, me, and whomever in this list or any other
      list. "Don't feed the trolls" is exactly what we should do. Yes, he has
      expression problems (and I told him that by myself, that if every 2
      paragraphs he hits someone personally - his arguement is lost), so in his
      situation we can either answer him relevantly (if we have something to
      say) or to ignore him. Trying to "poison" him will cause unneeded flames.
      Bringing such a subject down (especially when the flames got down), is
      also some sort of trolling. It may cause unnecessary flames among the
      people here, is not relevant to the mailing list and intented to bash
      someone else. I don't protect him, but your email doesn't solve the
      situation either.

      In his situation, I'm afraid - he's quite immuned. Just ignore him or ask
      someone to remove him (I'm afraid that for definition #1 it won't happen,
      but you can/may try), or give him a truly win arguement about coding and
      security, if you have.

      All the best,



      Adir Abraham

      adir@..., adir@...

      On Mon, 6 Jun 2005, Omer Zak wrote:

      > The saying "Do not feed the trolls" is by now familiar in the mailing
      > lists culture.
      > Now I would like to explore the equivalent analogy of feeding trolls with
      > poisonous food.
      > Does anyone have war stories about successful attempts to feed trolls with
      > poisonous food i.e. respond to their troll E-mail messages to a mailing
      > list by a specially crafted E-mail message that got the troll to shut up,
      > feel shame, or close his Internet access account with his ISP?
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