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RE: [hackers-il] downsides of NDAs

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  • Tzahi Fadida
    Thanks guys. I was ready to skip it but the guy agreed to skip the NDA for that particular matter he presented to me. I just told him that I don t think that
    Message 1 of 7 , Apr 4, 2005
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      Thanks guys.
      I was ready to skip it but the guy agreed to skip the NDA for that
      matter he presented to me. I just told him that I don't think that
      signing NDA at
      this stage is prudent especially with a consulting firm.
      Anyway we made it a trust issue and continued.

      I think it's the first time I encountered a problem I never thought
      When you sign NDA with a firm that specializes with Intellectual
      they can pass their rights and your commitments to other companies!
      I.e. the NDA included some clauses like that. Like your obligations is
      a currency. I am just guessing but I think that if, for example, you
      signed an NDA with one of these firms and they sold their rights
      to microsoft then when you are doing something microsoft don't
      like, this time you have microsoft on your back. Do you really
      want that?
      very similar to debt collectors that buys your debt.


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      > On Mon, 28 Mar 2005, Tzahi Fadida wrote:
      > > The problem is it's a consulting job. They need to check
      > the validity
      > > of an algorithm or a concept with proffesional eyes in
      > certain areas.
      > > Now, since it's a "secret" now, I can't know what is the
      > job just that
      > > its in my area of experties and that I was recommended.
      > > Its difficult to assess if this NDA is necessary since I
      > don't know what
      > > is the content :) it's the chicken and the egg.
      > well, tell them about your concerns before singing anything,
      > and make them tell you more about what they want. don't just
      > submit to their will - you can simply skip this job, while
      > they actually need to get it done, and fair play implies they
      > need to tell you something before you agree to sign their
      > 'blank check' ;)
      > > I agree 2 years horizon in this business is ludicrus. but you can
      > > always set goals, it doesn't mean they'll become true.
      > Also, when an
      > > organization goes public with a solution this agreement is trashed
      > > since the algorithms or concept would be public knowledge.
      > not at all. the organization goes public with a product, not
      > necessarily with how the product work. unless, ofcourse, they
      > are talking about a patent, and then you can never know when
      > they'll go making a patent...
      > > I have 2 main concerns:
      > > 1. that I will be in conflict of interests when
      > > wanting to work in certain workplaces.
      > with NDAs, you can't realy help that. note, however, that
      > you'll simply need to tell potential conflicting employers
      > about the existance of this NDA, and that usually settles the
      > matter (you won't be asked to supply info in the area covered
      > by the NDA).
      > > 2. The NDA would be used to undermine projects I developed
      > but did not
      > > publicise or may develop in the same general area.
      > then write a list of such projects, and add them to the NDA,
      > stating anything already done in any of these projects before
      > signing the NDA, is not covered by the NDA. publisize these
      > projects by making them available on the web and making sure
      > they get indexed by google and friends ;)
      > on a final note: if you're so concerned and/or so paranoid -
      > you're probably not yet ready for NDA signing, so skip the
      > job and don't sign it.
      > --
      > guy
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