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Re: GUI Development in Agile Languages

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  • idokan@gmail.com
    First of all Borland C++ Builder (not the regular Borland C++), is written almost complitly in delphi :) You can also uses delphi code inside... Second, the
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 31, 2005
      First of all Borland C++ Builder (not the regular Borland C++), is
      written almost complitly in delphi :) You can also uses delphi code

      Second, the Delphi IDE of 2005 is much better then any other IDE that
      I have ever worked with (please don't mention Eclipse).

      I myself worked with Borland C++ Builder, Delphi (almost all it's
      versions), VB and few other langauges. The fastest way I was able to
      make GUI things where in Delphi and C++ Builder. VB requiers many
      coding connection to components, while in Delphi Object Inspector I
      can do the same things with two mouse clicks (usualy because it
      requiers double clicks ;)), So I must say that IMHO the person there
      currect (alto I haven't read the entier descution, only what Shlomi
      gave here).


      --- In hackers-il@yahoogroups.com, Shlomi Fish <shlomif@i...> wrote:
      > There's an interesting discussion in the Joel on Software forum:
      > http://discuss.joelonsoftware.com/default.asp?joel.3.66132.25
      > While it started from a relatively clueless post about the problems
      of IBM
      > adopting Linux (which was also Slashdotted), it got diverted into a
      > discussion on GUI design in agile languages (Perl, Python, etc.),
      > designing it in RAD tools such as Delphi. Some quotes:
      > <<<
      > RAD tools traditionally contain a programming language and a way to
      > create dialogs, forms, etc out of controls.
      > I program in Visual C++, Delphi and Python.
      > Delphi is excellent as a RAD tool. It's very productive, and this
      is why my
      > company standardised on it.
      > Python allows you to code thge "guts" of the application faster
      than Delphi.
      > However, all the gains are lost when you start developing the user
      > using Python.
      > No matter what Python GUI library you use, Delphi is still an
      order of
      > magnitude faster.
      > So all the coding time gains of Python are lost because creating
      the user
      > interface is VERY SLOW compared to a true RAD tool such as Delphi.
      > There is a RAD tool for Python called BOA Constructor. It's good,
      but crashes
      > too often for my taste. We can't standardise on a dev tool that is
      in alpha
      > stage or in early beta stages.
      > >>>
      > <<<
      > Which is a great pity - there seems to be a tradeoff to be made
      between the
      > environment you create the UI in, and the language you write the
      rest of the
      > code in.
      > Almost anything is faster and easier to write in Python than in,
      say, VB or
      > C# ... but then you lose all that time again writing wxPython (or
      worse) by
      > hand. The same goes for user interfaces in Perl or other high-level
      > languages.
      > It seems to be part of a general ignorance of (or at least
      disregard for)
      > user interfaces among the OSS community, and I can't help but feel
      that it's
      > a big barrier to OSS software adoption in general.
      > >>>
      > It's been a while since I did a serious GUI design. When I did it
      was using
      > Borland C++ or Visual C++, not Delphi.
      > Regards,
      > Shlomi Fish
      > ------------------------------------------------
      > Shlomi Fish shlomif@i...
      > Homepage: http://www.shlomifish.org/
      > Knuth is not God! It took him two days to build the Roman Empire.
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