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Re: [hackers-il] Meta: Yahoo Groups "Gzeiroth" (limitations)

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  • Shlomi Fish
    ... You are right that it may have been inappropriate here. In any case, I was thinking out loud and contemplating our possibilities. The thing is: I can
    Message 1 of 15 , Feb 4, 2004
      On Wednesday 04 February 2004 15:49, Nadav Har'El wrote:
      > On Wed, Feb 04, 2004, Shlomi Fish wrote about "Re: [hackers-il] Meta: Yahoo
      Groups "Gzeiroth" (limitations)":
      > > > The bigger issue is the configuration time. Without this issue, I would
      > > > have just offered to host hackers-il on ivrix.org.il...
      > >
      > > How about stalker.iguide.co.il? If I am to set it up, I'll probably need
      > > root, which will take some more time until I can afford to pay for it.
      > Why do you want to discuss this issue on a public mailing list?

      You are right that it may have been inappropriate here. In any case, I was
      thinking out loud and contemplating our possibilities. The thing is: I can
      easily set up a web-service for www.hackers.org.il with no need for root.
      However, I do need a root for setting up the mail service. If I don't have
      one, there's no way I can do it.

      > You know very well that I already own that machine (stalker and ivrix are
      > the same machine), and that it won't cost me one red cent to host the
      > domain and/or mailing list on it. But as I said, I don't have time to
      > configure all the necessary stuff, unfortunately.

      Very well. So someone else will have to do it. ;-) I have the time, but I can
      only try to host the domain on iglu.org.il, which is the only server I have
      root on. Note that I never set up a new qmail domain before, just managed
      existing ones, so I may have to RTFM a bit.

      > You also know very well that you have been hosted on stalker for over a
      > year, taking up 150 MB of disk space, given a shell account and unlimited
      > bandwidth, and you are yet to pay one shekel.

      Correct. That's between you and I. (email me in private for some more
      information - I'd rather not discuss it here)

      > So why do you bring up all
      > these numbers like 200 NIS/month? This number is absolutely irrelevant to
      > this discussion.

      I meant that if someone (Arik?) wishes to become a co-admin of stalker he can,
      and then he'll be able to set up everything we need (E-mail-wise at least - I
      don't worry about the WWW-part).

      > We're hackers. Hosting stuff doesn't cost us money (many of us already have
      > servers that we're paying for), it costs us time. So either one of us
      > ponies up the time and runs this on his server, or somebody ponies up the
      > money and pays yahoo. Or, get this - we can just keep everything as is :)

      Correct again.

      I volunteer to ponie the time. But I do need root access, unless you want
      iglu.org.il (which is in a flimsy state nowadays because of the ancient
      distribution there), to be the host for this mail domain and mailing list as
      well. And I'd rather wait until we have bigger hard-disks and install a more
      modern distribution there. ("bimhera beyamenu amen sela")


      Shlomi Fish


      Shlomi Fish shlomif@...
      Homepage: http://t2.technion.ac.il/~shlomif/

      I don't believe in fairies. Oops! A fairy died.
      I don't believe in fairies. Oops! Another fairy died.
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