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Enthusiasm about Computers

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  • Shlomi Fish
    I think I can classify the number of _professional_ IT workers (men and women) to two broad groups: 1. People who program or otherwise deal with computers very
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 6, 2003
      I think I can classify the number of _professional_ IT workers (men and
      women) to two broad groups:

      1. People who program or otherwise deal with computers very well. However,
      they are not enthusiastic about it and just acknowledge the fact that they
      are good at it, it brings them a positive income. They usually don't
      _hate_ dealing with computers, but there are other things that they
      would prefer to do instead. I'll call this group computer non-enthusiasts
      (or CNEs for short)

      2. People who like or even love computers. They constantly learn new
      tools, languages and technologies, are curious about everything work. They
      often spend their free time hacking for fun on various stuff. I'll call
      this group Computer Enthusiasts (or CEs for short).

      Now there isn't a clear distinction between the two groups, and many
      people are somewhere in between. ESR, wrote the "Howto become a Hacker
      HOWOT" which is actually "Howto become a CE" in this terminology.

      Now I can testify that I am a CE. However, I know some people, who are
      extremely capable IT workers who are not CEs. Some people believe that you
      become less enthusiastic with your work as time goes by. I know that is
      not the case. I personally worked with an engineer in Digital Corp. (back
      when it was still Digital) who was in his fifties and was very
      enthusiastic about computers in general and Windows NT especially (hey
      no-one's perfect). I also corresponded and collaborated with a CE in his
      seventies who is a grandfather - graduated from EE in the 40's and
      gradually made a transition to software. I don't think it is necessary to
      lose your enthusiasm at all.

      OTOH, I met some very young people, who are not CEs. They may be fully
      capable Linux gurus, but don't have the enthusiasm of working with
      computers or hacking on stuff for fun, or learning new things.

      Now, the question is: are the non-CEs really fullfilling their destiny? I
      don't mind someone who is using a computer to get his job done. For
      instance, my father is a biologist and uses Excel, Eudora, Outlook (as an
      Organizer), Word, etc. to get his job done, print letters, etc. Some
      people may even have to program as part of their job (engineers in Matlab
      for instance). Again, I don't think that they should be enthusiastic about
      computers qua computers.

      But what about all the IT-workers who are non-CEs? Some of them are
      positively brilliant, and are doing a great job. But maybe they are good
      programmers and can be great at something else.


      Shlomi Fish

      Shlomi Fish shlomif@...
      Home Page: http://t2.technion.ac.il/~shlomif/

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