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RE: What is Software Engineer? (RE: [hackers-il] Re: packers and mapp ers)

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  • Chen Shapira
    ... Ah, but a good car or a good programmer is a subset of the good . And sometimes defining the subset is much easier. I m pretty sure that although
    Message 1 of 9 , Nov 29, 2002
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      > I guess that if I was Phaedrus (the protagonist of the book,
      > not the one
      > from Plato), I would answer Omer like this: I will tell you
      > what what a
      > good programmer is if you can tell me what "good" is - to ask what has
      > quality, one must understand (if not define) quality itself.

      Ah, but a "good car" or a "good programmer" is a subset of the "good".
      And sometimes defining the subset is much easier.

      I'm pretty sure that although Phaedrus could not define the "good" and
      couldn't even define a "good english article", he could define a good
      mechanical engineer. He described him several times through his book.
      Patience, humility, order, respect for exact parts, caring about the
      structure, the scientific method for debugging, etc. All those appeared as
      parts of the definition. His definition is almost the opposite of what Larry
      Wall stated as the "temper of the programmer.

      I second Gilad's recommendation for the book. I meet many people who tell me
      they've read it and they don't understand why everyone is so excited about
      this book. I never knew how to answer them, because I have no idea how can
      anyone read it and not understand.

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