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RE: What is Software Engineer? [professional ladder]

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  • Omer Musaev
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      ' Omer Musaev <omerm@...> writes:
      ' > 2. What is a difference between a programmer and a software
      ' engineer?

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      ' The computing professions have become so common and so easy to enter
      ' over recent years, and in such explosive a fashion, that any sort of
      ' professional guild that would maintain professional quality standards
      ' did not appear - yet.
      ' I think that this is a crucial point - the existence of a professional
      ' guild that would strictly enforce professional standards, conduct, and
      ' ethics, effectively resisting pressure from, say, software vendors.
      ' I would venture an opinion that no one but software professionals
      ' themselves can create such a guild. It is not clear to me how
      ' evaluation of software engineers should be handled. Something tells me
      ' that somehow open source would be essential (any serious evaluation
      ' should be based on the "show me the code" principle).
      ' I wonder if there is any interest in trying to work out the beginnings
      ' of such principles. I can get in touch with the Israeli chapters of
      ' IEEE and IEE, for instance, and ask for pointers to how to start. But
      ' it must be a "guild" effort, not an individual's initiative.

      I would like to point to the book (available online as set of articles)
      named "After the Gold Rush" (http://www.stevemcconnell.com/gr2.htm) by
      Steve McConnell (famous for his "Code Complete" seminal work.)

      Mr. McConnell does a lot of work contributing to development of
      "software engineer - the profession." One of his contribution to the
      non-existent community of software engineers is "the Ladder"[1] -
      a reference for possible partition of software professionals into
      different professional levels. There is some evidence of "Ladder"
      used in industry[2]; the professional guild that Oleg mentions should,
      naturally, use similar ladder internally.

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      ' Oleg Goldshmidt | pub@...

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      [1] The Construx Ladder:
      version 1 is fully available online at:
      version 2 is partially available at
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