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cool hardware hacks

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  • Oleg Goldshmidt
    I am sure many of you have seen the /. thread about Rusty s desk (as opposed to desktop) computer,
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 16, 2002
      I am sure many of you have seen the /. thread about Rusty's desk (as
      opposed to desktop) computer,


      In case the original article is /.-ted, here is a cool picture:


      However, I was even more impressed by the very cool hardware hack
      mentioned deep inside the above thread, combining a computer and a
      coffee machine (ObStupidPun: apparently very suitable to java


      - the description is very detailed, with sketches, diagrams, etc. I
      am posting this because I enjoyed reading that, and because it is easy
      to miss on /.

      Next step: making a coffee machine that would work off the heat of a
      Pentium 4?

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