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Re: [hackers-il] BookCrossing.com

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  • Oleg Goldshmidt
    ... Hmm. Part of RMS s general public license to do things philosophy is that anyone should be able to enter enyone s house and browse the books on the
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 8, 2002
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      "Nadav Har'El" <nyh@...> writes:

      > If not here's a very short summary: Ron Hornbaker's idea was to let books
      > (actual books, you know, the things made of dead trees) roam freely.
      > A person would read a book, and then "free" it by giving it to a friend or
      > putting it in some public place (bus-stop, park bench, etc.) where someone
      > else could find it. That person can take it, read it, and hopefully release
      > it again for somone else to find, and so forth.

      Hmm. Part of RMS's "general public license to do things" philosophy is
      that anyone should be able to enter enyone's house and browse the
      books on the owner's bookshelf... I don't remember if he specifically
      wanted to allow borrowing books...

      In any case, if you count the 2 books you lost the details of, then
      count all the books that I gave out and lost track of (knowing nothing
      of bookcrossing, of course). Counting that, we are certainly before
      Japan in the list ;-). I can only hope that someone, not necessarily
      the people I gave the books to, is enjoying them.

      It sounds like you enjoyed the holiday, and that's what counts.

      Oleg Goldshmidt | ogoldshmidt@...
      "... Of theoretical physics and programming, programming embodied
      the greater intellectual challenge." [E.W.Dijkstra, 1930 - 2002.]
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