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RE: [hackers-il] What's on a hackers mind...

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  • Arik Baratz
    ... From: Nadav Har El [mailto:nyh@math.technion.ac.il] Sent: Tuesday, March 19, 2002 12:06 AM To: hackers-il@yahoogroups.com Subject: Re: [hackers-il] What s
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      > On Mon, Mar 18, 2002, Arik Baratz wrote about "RE: [hackers-il] What's on
      a hackers mind...":
      > > That night, I had a dream in which I was sitting in front of the
      > > and was coding the rest of my program. It was good code, it solved my
      > > problem, and the program ran just fine. I remember saving my work before
      > > waking up.
      > After waking up, did you remember any of the code or what you did in the
      > dream? If yes, did it make any sense? Was it of any practical use?

      Yes, I keyed it in again with few modifications.

      > Because my experience is that while dreaming I can have a lot of emotions,
      > but very little rational thinking.

      Well, I have mixed dreams. Some are high on the emotional scale, some are
      rather intellectually challenging.

      > One time before some test (that I actually wasn't anxious about, so I
      > know why this happened) I dreamt that I was doing that test. The dream was
      > one of the longest I ever had (tests in the Technion's math department
      > typically last 3 hours ;)), and the entire dream was me taking the test.
      > During the dream, I remember reading the questions, thinking about them,
      > answering them, and it was all hard work and made sense. But when I woke
      > (quite exhausted...) I still remembered a few of the questions and the
      > answers (strangely, I forgot all of it about 10 minutes later. Is that a
      > known phenomenon?). It was all complete and utter rubbish! None of the
      > answers or questions made any Mathematical sense whatsoever. My brain had
      > just spent half the night going randomly through a pile of unrelated,
      > unconnected and irrelevant Mathematical concepts, getting results of no
      > practical use (and after 10 minutes I forgot even that).

      Well, maybe it's time for you to invent some new mathematical concepts :-)

      > Sometimes dreams are really weird... M.C. Escher had a good point when he
      > said (supposedly):
      > "I don't use drugs, my dreams are frightening enough."

      I totally agree. I can make full length features of some of my dreams, and
      they'll be classified 'action/scifi'.

      -- Arik

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