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Re: [hackers-il] gvim for LISP editing [was RE: Re: Scheme in C Indentation Cont.]

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  • Oleg Goldshmidt
    ... Even more than that, I d say. Emacs is BIG. If the real purpose is a lecture on how to do stuff in emacs then prerequisites would be _both_ emacs
    Message 1 of 16 , Mar 14, 2002
      mulix <mulix@...> writes:

      > not me. emacs is nice, but it's too fluffy a subject. by that i mean
      > that in order to give a lecture on the intersting stuff, namely elisp
      > and emacs implementation, i would have to first give an introductory
      > lecture on emacs in general, and that's just too fluffy.

      Even more than that, I'd say. Emacs is BIG. If the real purpose is a
      lecture on how to "do stuff" in emacs then prerequisites would be
      _both_ emacs primitives (navigation etc) and some initial e?lisp. Then
      you can turn to the interesting stuff, e.g. "Emacs as an integrated
      development environment", covering coding style customization, the
      compile and grep facilities, debugging, CVS and GNATS interfaces,
      remote editing with efs or ange-ftp, ediff, etags, ctypes, code
      generation, whatnot.

      A special lecture could be devoted to viper - the vi emulation in
      emacs [nudge] ;-)

      This is more than one lecture. If we can impose a condition that
      everyone interested goes through "C-h t" (the tutorial) and the
      _basic_ emacs and elisp info pages, then I could be persuaded to give
      a talk about the more interesting stuff, introducing some facilities,
      walking through some elisp code examples, and showing how they work. I
      mean, stuff that I find useful in everyday work.

      I will need some time to prepare, naturally, and I will need someone
      to loan me a laptop running linux to test what I want to show before
      the talk.

      Another possibility: Everybody goes through C-h t, mulix (or someone
      who can be bribed into it) gives an introductory lecture on elisp, and
      I cover some tools.

      Oleg Goldshmidt | ogoldshmidt@...
      [Lisp] is the only computer language that is beautiful.
      - Neal Stephenson
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