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RE: [hackers-il] Re: [Haifux] Python Lecture

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  • Ofir Carny
    I do not speak python so I am probably qualified to comment... I didn t understand the meaning of c[0:1] in slide 7. ... From: guy keren
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 12, 2002
      I do not speak python so I am probably qualified to comment... I didn't
      understand the meaning of c[0:1] in slide 7.

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      On Tue, 12 Mar 2002, mulix wrote:

      > first draft[1] of the lecture slides available at
      > http://vipe.technion.ac.il/~mulix/python-lecture/html/index.html

      slide 8, give a concrete example of an 'if' command, like you did
      with the 'while' command.

      regarding 'range': state if the ends aer inclusive or exclusive. it
      _looks_ like the start is inclusive, while the end is exclusive
      (.e. up to one before the given number). or perhaps its not the
      last number in the range, but rather the number of elements in the
      range to generate for the list?

      slide 10, definition of function 'f' lacks a parameter:
      def f: --> def f(a):

      when showing filter, map, 'for' and 'del', write a comment stating
      what the output is, like you did in the rest of the examples.

      slide 11, part after 'more conditionals' - what is conditional about these

      slide 15: you run a perl script from a python function? blashphemy! :)

      general: 'upload.py' is too long to serve as a first script example, and
      introduces too many library functions for a first script
      (REs, OS APIs). better put the googler.py first.

      googler.py might go against the terms of use of google ;)

      also good to put the compile_test.py before upload.py .

      you won't have time to go over all the examples - the tutorial
      part will take more then an hour, in my opinion.


      "For world domination - press 1,
      or dial 0, and please hold, for the creator." -- nob o. dy

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