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RE: [hackers-il] Google.com ordered the relevant WWW::Search to b e removed from CPAN

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  • Arik Baratz
    I believe that the section in Google s TOS should not be taken literally. Google make half their money from people who set up commercial links. These links are
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 11, 2002
      I believe that the section in Google's TOS should not be taken literally.

      Google make half their money from people who set up commercial links. These
      links are metered by the number of times they were requested. If the idiot
      who plays googlewhacking with a script (which is IMHO not only violates
      Google's TOS but also unfair googlewhacking) has his way, all those
      companies who put commercial links will have their eyeball-counters
      increased without an actual person viewing the link.

      That's why I believe they do not agree to the perl module as well - if you
      use the perl module to write a search engine and you don't show those
      commercial links to the actual end user you are reducing Google's income
      from companies.

      Myself - I run webwasher, and remove banner-ads and pop-ups, which hurts the
      sites I visit because they don't get my eyeball counted towards their hit
      count as far as the advertiser is concerned. While I don't mind seeing the
      banner ad now and then, I do it because of the pop-up ad, which IMHO is
      illegitimate internet practice. Not even talking about the flash ads that
      make a nasty sound when you hover above them with your mouse by mistake
      (KAMA? HAMISHIM MILION!). In the old days of the internet there was an
      argument about the <BLINK> tag. It was annoying because it was blinking a
      line of text...

      -- Arik

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      On Mon, Mar 11, 2002, Shlomi Fish wrote about "[hackers-il] Google.com
      ordered the relevant WWW::Search to be removed from CPAN":
      > Use Perl reports that Google ordered the WWW::Search::Google module to be
      > removed from CPAN, because it violated their terms of use:

      Google's TOS says that you may not use an automated program to query their
      site. One may argue if this makes any sense (aren't proxies and browsers
      also automatic programs? is it ok to use wget?) on whether the users or
      module writers are at blaim, and wether this applies to anything else (e.g.,
      my sendsms, my (unpublished) stock quote sending script, etc.).

      But actually, the real reason why Google became worried is probably one that
      appears in the site you mention, and for some reason is marked "funny". It
      is not funny it all - it is very likely to be the real reason Google got
      "This may be related to Googlewhacking [googlewhack.com].
      Disclaimer: the term "Googlewhack" was invented by my employer, Gary
      [unblinking.com] (his home page is where it all started). At one point he
      was getting hundreds of emails a day, people offering up their clever
      googlewhacks, arguing about scoring and legitimacy, describing
      hacks, etc. The scariest was somebody who said he was coding up a script
      to walk through /usr/share/dict/words (or whatever) and submit all the
      pairs to Google ..."

      Obviously, a person who wants to do this doesn't really need a clever Perl
      module: he can just write one himself in a couple of hours, or use wget, or
      whatever. So I'm not sure at all why Google though that asking this guy to
      recall his Perl module will put a stop to the automated googlewhacking...

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