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Re: [hackers-il] [META] (Signature is 10x longer than actual text, so hack me up by , sharp axes)

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  • Nadav Har'El
    ... Ok, ok... I understand that you guys don t want to hear about spam filters any more... Got the message - you won t hear a word out of me about them any
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      On Sun, May 21, 2000, Ira Abramov wrote about "[hackers-il] [META] (Signature is 10x longer than actual text, so hack me up by , sharp axes)":
      > umm, guys... I have not $0.02, more like $.15 to give about Spam, but
      > this thread is kinda getting into a silly worthless fight, and
      > endangering the S/N ratio I hoped to read. I'd preffer discussing the

      Ok, ok... I understand that you guys don't want to hear about spam filters
      any more... Got the message - you won't hear a word out of me about them
      any more.

      Please feel free to resume your dynamic typing vs. strong typing fight!

      > technicalities of how to write a minimum-false-positives spam filter
      > rather than personal feelings and policy fights... (I was once a victim

      Ok. When I find a little time, I'll write something about these technicalities.
      With example code. But it seems that nobody is interested in this subject

      > of such a filter, wrote my girlfriend a funny Email about FREE SEX and
      > she almost missed it. I wonder if THIS post passes into your spam box,
      > Nadav :-)

      Sure it did. Until I see spam coming from mailing lists, I don't filter
      mail from them. I also have a whitelist of people I'll accept any mail
      from - including email about FREE SEX, and email in dutch :)

      > Nadav, you mentioned an SMS gateway, I'd love to hear abit more. I'm
      > getting a phone for suce a gateway at work soon, but for now I hacked a
      > script to invoke the free CGI on goSMS.com. I canibalized a script in
      > perl called email2SMS that even uses Lingua::EN::Squeeze to stick more
      > data on your screen, but it's not entirely my hack then I guess :-)

      I have written a perl script that can send SMS to orange or cellcom (using
      their official sites. I'd used goSMS.com, but I stopped liking them and
      switched to orange's official site). As I said, I already sent this script
      to linux-il, but I can send it here again. It's not a "gateway" per se, just
      a script, but I can easily make it into an email gateway (I just didn't want

      It doesn't use that Squeeze hack, but I'm aware of it :) I just decided it
      was too weird :)

      Anyway, the same server that filters my mail also decides which of my mail
      is "important" (i.e., not a spam, not a mailing list, and not addressed to
      one of my webmaster@... aliases), and when it finds such an "important" mail
      it sends me an SMS announcement, with the sender's name, and the subject
      line. I usually get around 5 such email announcements per day.

      I also use the SMS sending script for other things. For example, I wrote
      a script which contact's Globes' site every evening and sends me updates
      on stuff that I'm interested in.

      > so back to the JAPHs and fun stuff. Since I have exposed myself without
      > "permission", I'll now vow to find a lecture subject to entertain you
      > with. I don't like Blue that much (blocks-by-indentation like Python,
      > and too many pascal-like leftovers), would you like a short talk about
      > Brain? It will be an interesting project for me, because I know nothing
      > of Scheme and Self for background, but I'm willing to try.

      Where do you people come up with all these languages? :)
      Blue? Brain? :)

      Nadav Har'El | Sunday, May 21 2000, 16 Iyyar 5760
      nyh@... |-----------------------------------------
      Phone: +972-53-245868, ICQ 13349191 |All those who believe in psychokinesis,
      http://nadav.harel.org.il |raise my hand.
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