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Re: Re: "Rindolf" (fka P5TNG) random ideas and news

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  • Shlomi Fish
    ... I d like to have a working and consistent specification of how Rindolf behaves, before I start hacking on the Perl 5 source code. I m not ruling the
    Message 1 of 4 , Feb 13, 2002
      Nadav Har'El wrote:
      > [ Hoc and Yacc stuff snipped ]

      I'd like to have a working and consistent specification of how Rindolf
      behaves, before I start hacking on the Perl 5 source code. I'm not ruling
      the possibility that I would, but I'd like to have an idea how Rindolf
      will behave and operate.

      At the moment the mailing list is dedicated to discussing how Rindolf
      should differ from Perl 5 (and where it should be the same). When we have
      a working specification I will present it to the world as Rindolf 1.0 and
      announce that the hacking will begin.

      Notice that nobody is still working on the Perl 6 interpreter, since every
      one of Larry Wall's Apocalypses bring new things that have yet to be
      realized. While I have a general idea what is going to be in Rindolf, I'd
      like the following to happen:

      1. That I write everything down.
      2. That I get opinions on it from other people.
      3. That the specification was "proven correct". (I.e: does not contain
      ambigious elements, etc).
      4. That some people (albeit not all) like it.

      While too much planning is not a Good Thing<tm>, hacking without a general
      idea what is going to be hacked is a dangerous practice. "Sof Ma'aseh
      Bemah'shava T'hila". ;-)

      If you'd like to join rindolf-discuss I'll be more than happy to have you
      there. You seem to have unorthodox and innovative opinions on almost
      everything (which many times contradict my own), and I can always use
      people like you.

      Naturally, everybody else on this list: Oleg, Chen, OmerM, OmerZ, AlexSh
      (I don't hear much from him lately here), Gil'ad, Mulix, Adi, Arik,
      Tzafrir, Gaal and everybody else I can't recall now, are welcome to join
      too. I just think that:

      1. Rindolf's scope is large enough to be a strain on this list.

      2. Some of the discussions and flamewars will not interest hackers-il too

      3. It won't be practical to appoint hackers-il as the official Rindolf
      mailing-list (assuming the project takes off).


      Shlomi Fish

      There is no IGLU Cabal! Their gradually converted the perl 5 source code
      to run Python source, (just for the fun and challenge), and found out the
      resultant code was identical with the original python code. It is unknown
      what happened in the corresponding python->perl project.

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