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ANN: syscalltrack version 0.64 released

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  • guy keren
    Haifux, the Haifa Linux Club (http://linuxclub.il.eu.org) is proud to present syscalltrack-0.64 , the third _alpha_ release of the system-call-tracking linux
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 1, 2001
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      Haifux, the Haifa Linux Club (http://linuxclub.il.eu.org) is proud to
      present 'syscalltrack-0.64', the third _alpha_ release of the
      system-call-tracking linux kernel module and user space
      utilities. syscalltrack supports both versions 2.2.x and 2.4.x of
      the linux kernel. The current release is mostly a bug-fix release, althought
      it contains partial coding of features that will be properly integrated in
      the next alpha release.

      * What is syscalltrack?

      syscalltrack is a linux kernel module and supporting user space
      environment which allow interception, logging and possibly taking
      action upon system calls that match user defined criteria
      (syscalltrack can be thought of as a sophisticated, system wide

      * Where can i get it?

      Information on syscalltrack is available on the project's homepage:
      http://syscalltrack.sourceforge.net, and in the project's file

      You can download the source directly from:

      * Call for developers:

      The syscalltrack project is looking for developers, both for kernel
      space and user space. If you want to join in on the fun, get in touch
      with us on the 'syscalltrack-hackers' mailing list

      * License and NO Warrany

      'syscalltrack' is Free Software, licensed under the GNU General Public
      License (GPL) version 2. The 'sct_ctrl_lib' library is licensed under
      the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL).

      'syscalltrack' is in early _alpha_ stages and comes with NO
      warranty. If it breaks something, you get to keep all of the
      pieces. You have been warned (TM).

      Happy hacking and tracking!

      Major new features for 0.64 (mostly a bug-fix version)

      * Filter expressions are now fully supported, and are the prefered method
      to define filtering criteria for rules. This includes better error
      messages, and full parameter/variable type checking.

      * Added support for pointer parameters in system calls, and printing the
      address they contain when logging them.

      major bug fixes for version 0.64:

      * Unary operators ('~', '!') didn't work at all - now they do.

      * Fixed a bug in 'sct_config' that could cause crashes, due to a missing
      copy constructor/assigment operator for a struct that was pushed into
      an STL container.

      * Fixed a potential crasihng bug in filter expressions evaluation in the

      * Fixed a few potential memory leaks while evaluating filter expressions
      or while failing to get locks in system call stub functions.


      "For world domination - press 1,
      or dial 0, and please hold, for the creator." -- nob o. dy
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