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Re: [hackers-il] RE: RE: SPAM COMPLAINT (was: ìåç ùðä)

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  • Nadav Har'El
    I m not sure why this spam complaint found itself in hackers-il, but if it did, let me add my evidence. This guy is a notorious spammer. I got spams from him
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 10, 2001
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      I'm not sure why this spam complaint found itself in hackers-il, but if
      it did, let me add my evidence. This guy is a notorious spammer. I got
      spams from him on two runs, totalling 6 spams:
      Wed Oct 18 18:36:10 2000
      Wed Oct 18 18:36:39 2000
      Thu Oct 19 19:37:15 2000
      Wed Jul 4 18:55:00 2001
      Wed Jul 4 19:55:32 2001
      Wed Jul 4 19:55:40 2001

      At least he took a long vacation between those spams ;)

      Needless to say, I never asked to receive his crap (even if I did, why would
      I want to get the same spam 3 times to 3 different address on Jul 4?)

      > > We collect e-mails from Israeli Sites of companies/organizations we feel
      > > could become our customers.

      Do you know what? I don't feel like I want to become your customer, or the
      customer of the 10,000,000 other businesses on the net that want me to become
      their customers. Now I'll remember your name, and NEVER do any business with
      you, and tell anyone I know NEVER to do business with you. Just like
      fixfax.co.il is on my never-to-do-business-with list, even if I'm on a desert
      island and my only way out is to send a fax.

      The interesting thing about this spammer is that he seems to respond to
      angry emails. Here's one I wrote him on 18 Oct 2000, and his response:

      [By the way, note that this guy is *STILL* on Internet Zahav, a year after
      spamming and I warned him and complained to Internet Zahav. Way to go Internet

      Date: Wed, 18 Oct 2000 23:46:47 +0200
      From: "Nadav Har'El" <nyh@...>
      To: Gal Samuel <webmaster@...>
      Subject: Re: Digital Photography
      Hebrew-Date: 20 Tishri 5761

      On Wed, Oct 18, 2000, Gal Samuel wrote about "Digital Photography":
      > Hello,

      Yeah right... Do you really think I'll want to hear from a spammer like
      yourself? You do know what spam is, right? That's exactly what you did now.
      Hopefully Internet Zahav will soon revoke your account for violating their
      agreement (look at your contract again. See that clause where you're not
      allowed to spam? Ooops!)

      > My name is Gal Samuel, The webmaster of Mor-B Productions.
      > I got your e-mail from one of the pages in your site.

      Yeah, right... More lies... You probably just sent your ad to the
      webmaster@ of every Israeli domain... Good job... Now all the webmasters
      in Israel will know you and watch out from you, and never do business
      with you.

      Every person in the world who has something to sell will benefit by emailing
      everybody in the world. Every one of them can think that nobody will mind his
      "only one email", especially if it ends with "thank you for your time". Right?
      WRONG! Not when I get 10 times more junk email than real email, not when
      1000 people around the world just decide one day that I won't mind an
      email from them today.
      Date: Thu, 19 Oct 2000 12:16:18 +0200
      From: "Gal Samuel" <webmaster@...>
      To: "'Nadav Har'El'" <nyh@...>
      Subject: RE: Digital Photography
      Reply-To: <webmaster@...>

      Your loss !

      Gal Samuel - Networks Manager / Webmaster
      Mor-B Productions. Tel: 972-3-5445257
      Tel-Aviv Israel Fax: 972-3-6053421
      http://www.morb.co.il webmaster@...
      My Music: http://www.mp3.com/nakadina

      Nadav Har'El | Tuesday, Jul 10 2001, 20 Tammuz 5761
      nyh@... |-----------------------------------------
      Phone: +972-53-245868, ICQ 13349191 |Guarantee: this email is 100% free of
      http://nadav.harel.org.il |magnetic monopoles, or your money back!
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