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Re: [hackers-il] The "Lena" Image - Another "Playboy" Connection

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  • Shlomi Fish
    ... Actually, one of the specifications of the exercise is that we do it on the images we were given. If we want, we can do it on other images, but what we are
    Message 1 of 3 , May 5, 2001
      On Fri, 4 May 2001, Nadav Har'El wrote:

      > On Fri, May 04, 2001, Shlomi Fish wrote about "[hackers-il] The "Lena" Image - Another "Playboy" Connection":
      > >
      > > In the course "Image Processing and Analysis" which I am taking at the
      > > Technion at the present semester, we constantly see and work with an image
      > > called Lena. It consists of the face and shoulders of a woman wearing a
      > > hat.
      > >..
      > > Not already did we find the image (which was 2*2 the size of what we were
      > > given, but also looked much better), but we found out that it was taken
      > > out of a 1972 Playboy centerfold. Of course, there is nothing pronographic
      > > about the image itself, because it is only a small part of it. It was also
      > > converted to black and white.
      > >...
      > I wonder what would happen if instead of doing the excercise on the original
      > part, you do it on the entire image. I would love to see the expression on
      > the TA checking this excercise when he (hoping that it is a "he") sees the
      > result :)

      Actually, one of the specifications of the exercise is that we do it on
      the images we were given. If we want, we can do it on other images, but
      what we are supposed to hand in should be on that.

      BTW, the Matlab exercises do not contribute to the mark this semester.

      > Actually, I'm quite surprised the clip you show is actually used... It's
      > quite obvious that it is a part of a nude picture! I know no actual nudity
      > is seen, but neither is any clothes (except the hat ;)), and I would say
      > using such a picture isn't very politically-correct...

      The problem is that Image Processing experts are already too used to
      seeing it, that its origin becomes irrelevant. Switching the entire Image
      Processing world to a different clip would be a hopeless task.

      It's not the only picture that most aritcles show, but most articles
      contain it in addition to the other images.

      > BTW, Chen, I'm sure that by now you regret having brought up the subject
      > of women on the web :)

      Actually, I did not mean to offend anyone, just to bring a curious nuance.
      And besides, from my experience on mailing-list threads, it's hard to
      tell in advance where they will divert to. But there is a tendendcy to
      focus on a side issue rather than the issue that the opening message was
      trying to address.


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