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689Re: [hackers-il] Slightly OT: A story I started to write

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  • Nadav Har'El
    Dec 8, 2000
      On Fri, Dec 08, 2000, Shlomi Fish wrote about "Re: [hackers-il] Slightly OT: A story I started to write":
      > As for EEers using Postscript. I think in the Technion, EEers prefer PDF,
      > and we rarely see Postscript around here because the other EEers rarely
      > use UNIX as most of the programs we need on a day to day basis are on
      > Windows. Some heavy digital circuit simulation programs exist for UNIXes
      > only, but most of the other programs are present only on Windows or on
      > Windows too.

      Of course, PDF is ok too! Both PDF and Postscript are "hardcopy" formats,
      meaning that they will (or at least, should) look the same anywhere, regardless
      of whether the user installed fonts, bidi software, equation editors, or
      whatever, on his or her system.

      BTW, for your information, (or rather, for your system administrators'
      information), ghostscript is available on Windows too :) AND, postscript
      printers (I'm having a real hard time to believe you don't have one of
      those in EE!) require postscript output from Windows - not PDF... But never
      mind ;)

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