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688The dream retinue for star programmers

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  • Omer Zak
    Dec 8 9:46 AM
      Here is a question to the real star programmers among us:

      Suppose you are working for a company, which understands the value of star
      programmers, and is prepared to hire as many support personnel and buy as
      much furniture and equipment as needed, so that you the star programmer
      will be able to work in the most efficient way possible.

      What would you recommend the company to equip you with?
      The idea is that it is very difficult to find, hire and retain star
      programmers, so they will be the bottleneck to the organization's
      performance. But there are several other intelligent persons, who just
      cannot excel in programming to to various reasons. But their other skills
      could help star programmers save their time.

      Partial list of suggestions:
      1. Software tester to test for you the brilliant code which you wrote.
      2. Technical writer to spare you from the pain of documenting your code
      3. Big desk.
      4. Big, flat panel display (or, better, two displays).
      5. Fast Internet connection.
      6. Junior programmer who will perform the boring tasks which you specify.
      7. Information specialist, to search literature and the Internet for any
      facts that the programmer needs.

      Any other wild ideas?
      --- Omer
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