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681RE: [hackers-il] Slightly OT: A story I started to write

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  • Shlomi Fish
    Dec 7, 2000
      On Thu, 7 Dec 2000, Chen Shapira wrote:

      > > In anycase, if somebody has QText or MS-Word 97 can he
      > > convert the RTF
      > > to HTML and send me the converted file. Visual HTML will be
      > > better, but
      > > Logical HTML that Konquerer can see will also be good.
      > Major HTML editing is needed. Try this:
      > http://www.fourmilab.ch/webtools/demoroniser/

      OK. I'll give it shoot. But I can only use it once in a while, not for
      every version I release.

      > Besides the broken font tags and others, the hebrew is indeed logical, and
      > should be seen on any viewer that supports it (inclusing gnotepad)
      > I can also send a hebrew Ascii to ps convertor if anyone is interested.
      > Since I still didn't get over how cool this short story is, I'll say it
      > again: Its not only great, its addictive. I read the first part few times
      > this morning, I can't wait for the rest.
      > BTW. Shlomi, would you mind if I try translating it to English?

      Be my guest. I already translated my previous story, "The Enemy and How I
      Helped to Fight it" (read it or be flogged by a differential SCSI cable)
      to English, and you can find it on my site in both English and Hebrew
      versions. (Visual Hebrew HTML).

      "The Enemy" is much more insane than this story is going to be, despite
      the fact that this story describe an sequence of insane events.

      I can warn you that I am going to keep writing, as well as fixing, the
      story in Hebrew, so you should stay tuned for changes.


      Shlomi Fish

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