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679Re: [hackers-il] Slightly OT: A story I started to write

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  • Nadav Har'El
    Dec 7, 2000
      On Thu, Dec 07, 2000, Shlomi Fish wrote about "RE: [hackers-il] Slightly OT: A story I started to write":
      > Thanks. But I fear that Word 2000, which I use here converted it into
      > somethihg that only IE5 can see. Can anybody verify that he sees the
      > HTML using Konquerer?
      > In anycase, if somebody has QText or MS-Word 97 can he convert the RTF
      > to HTML and send me the converted file. Visual HTML will be better, but
      > Logical HTML that Konquerer can see will also be good.
      > Regards,
      > Shlomi Fish

      Since I suppose the text is not hyperlinked, why don't you convert it to
      Postscript (or PDF, if you want)? All of us have postscript viewers (shame
      on you if you don't ;)), and with a postscript file there's no question
      of Bidi, fonts, or anything like that. I know that for me getting a hardcopy
      in Postscript or PDF makes much more sense than getting Word/RT/Qtext or
      even HTML.

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