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4391Re: [hackers-il] blog recommendation.

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  • Shoshannah Forbes
    Jun 6, 2005
      On 04/06/2005, at 19:43, Tzahi Fadida wrote:
      > But a more interesting question is how does a blog
      > reflect on you on the business side.

      Well, that depends on the type of blog you write. Perhaps there are
      people out there that won't hire me on the basis of my blog. So be it.
      On the other hand, I did get my book deal as a result from writing in
      my blog.
      On the other hand, I tend not to write very personal stuff, for the
      simple reason that I find it boring to read. So it depends very much on
      the type of blog you are planning to write.

      > I mean, you don't see executives put out blogs
      > or persons in similar positions.

      Some of them do write a blog:
      Shoshannah Forbes
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