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  • Tzahi Fadida
    Jun 4, 2005
      I did open a livejournal blog yesterday, just to see.
      But a more interesting question is how does a blog
      reflect on you on the business side.
      I mean, you don't see executives put out blogs
      or persons in similar positions.
      The image that is portrayed thru the blog could maybe
      debilitate future promotions that require a certain image.
      For example, in my test blog I wrote that I like ALIAS
      tv show, and discuss it casually. Some people discuss
      their dates etc...
      Just look at the Washingtonienne :) and what happened to her.
      Of course part of it was that she was actually doing these
      things she wrote.
      Another thing is that even if you decide to quit google and similar
      cache engines will reveal your past posts even if you don't want too.
      Although a nice feature in livejournal is to request respectable
      search engines from caching your blog (using META tags).


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      > On Friday 03 June 2005 17:48, Tzahi Fadida wrote:
      > > I am looking for a recommendation for a free blog service that lets
      > > you keep as much freedoms over your information as possible.
      > > Anyone compared this things?
      > I did not compare but I can recommend LiveJournal:
      > http://www.livejournal.com/
      > It is very responsive, has a good (if at first somewhat
      > confusing) interface,
      > good URLs whenever possible, public/friends/private option,
      > is also a very
      > nice social network, supports blog comments and comments to
      > comments (a
      > tree-like structure), has communities, supports a rich subset
      > of the HTML
      > syntax, etc. The basic (and fully functional) service is
      > free-as-in-beer.
      > More advanced options cost money, but I doubt you'll really need them.
      > The LiveJournal back-end (composed of several components) is
      > free-as-in-speech
      > (GPL, IIRC) and is written mostly in Perl. You can set up a
      > LiveJournal-like
      > site if you want. (although it will probably won't be as popular as
      > livejournal.com).
      > Regards,
      > Shlomi Fish
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