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4382Re: [hackers-il] blog recommendation.

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  • Shlomi Fish
    Jun 4, 2005
      On Friday 03 June 2005 17:48, Tzahi Fadida wrote:
      > I am looking for a recommendation for a free blog service
      > that lets you keep as much freedoms over your information
      > as possible.
      > Anyone compared this things?

      I did not compare but I can recommend LiveJournal:


      It is very responsive, has a good (if at first somewhat confusing) interface,
      good URLs whenever possible, public/friends/private option, is also a very
      nice social network, supports blog comments and comments to comments (a
      tree-like structure), has communities, supports a rich subset of the HTML
      syntax, etc. The basic (and fully functional) service is free-as-in-beer.
      More advanced options cost money, but I doubt you'll really need them.

      The LiveJournal back-end (composed of several components) is free-as-in-speech
      (GPL, IIRC) and is written mostly in Perl. You can set up a LiveJournal-like
      site if you want. (although it will probably won't be as popular as


      Shlomi Fish

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