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3967Re: [hackers-il] Offfftopic answer

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  • Oleg Goldshmidt
    Nov 1, 2004
      omer mussaev <eomer_mussaev@...> writes:

      > J2EE takes the notion of OS further. No J2EE app lives by itself,
      > but rather is deployed in some kind of "application
      > server/container". The "server" provides all novel features, such as
      > load balancing, "hot-deploying", logging, transactions, centralized
      > configuration, falut-tolerance, ease of use and web framework. The
      > app itself uses all that features as a black box and contains
      > business logic only.

      Pardon my ignorance, but as long as we are having this (more on-topic
      than most) discussion, is all of the above a part of J2EE (i.e. Java
      the language) or a part of an "application server" or "middleware" or
      whatchamacallit, such as Websphere or Weblogic or Tomcat etc? I
      realize that the watchamacallit may be intended to run J2EE and may be
      written (completely or in part) in Java, but I would still like to
      understand what the case is.

      Oleg Goldshmidt | pub@...
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