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  • guy keren
    Nov 1, 2004
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      On Mon, 1 Nov 2004, Evgeny Gesin wrote:

      > > A good explenation of what is J2EE and it's relationship
      > > to Java will be appropriate here I think.
      > Basically Java is made up of:
      > J2SE - Java Standard Edition (standard APIs + GUI)

      that's not all. there's a large run-time library that goes with this, with
      things related to "general purpose" programming - such as strings
      manipulation, data collections, multi-threading primitives, properties
      handling, etc, etc, etc. unlike C++, java is the OS, so it has to supply
      all the things that are normally supplied by the operating system and its
      code libraries.

      > J2EE - Java Enterprise Edition (APIs to work with Enterprise backends,
      > such as databases, emails, etc)

      and the EJB thingi ("enterprise java beans" - not that i am aware of
      non-enterprise java beans...).

      one can go to sun's java web site, and see the APIs available for J2SE and
      the APIs available for J2EE (which is a super-set of J2SE, btw). this is
      all very annoying when you're developing with J2EE (which is, frankly,
      what everyone does unless they work with J2ME, or write java applets,

      now comes questions such as:

      1. is RMI part of J2SE or J2EE?

      2. is the CORBA intergratoin part of J2SE or J2EE?


      > J2ME - Java Micro Edition (APIs to program mobile devices, such phone,
      > PDAs, etc)
      > What about astronomy? Is anyone interested? :)

      if it's about how to hack a small telescope in order to see the moons of
      jupiter, then just shoot.

      are we having fun yet?


      "For world domination - press 1,
      or dial 0, and please hold, for the creator." -- nob o. dy
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