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3952Re: Again offtopic post!

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  • Ori Idan
    Nov 1, 2004
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      Omer Zak wrote:

      >I accept job postings on Linux-IL as appropriate, because companies do
      >need Linux experts once in a while.
      >But Hackers-IL is too general group for job postings, which ask for a
      >specific skill. Appropriate job postings here would be for jobs, which
      >require hacker-level skills (such as mastery of several programming
      >language, ability to disassemble machine language code, solve expecially
      >tough problems, etc.).
      >I would advise Evgeny Gesin to post his job posting to a J2EE specific
      >mailing list.
      >On Mon, 1 Nov 2004, Evgeny Gesin wrote:
      A good explenation of what is J2EE and it's relationship to Java will be
      appropriate here I think.

      I think that too much meta discussions on what should be and should not
      be on this list are also not appropriate.

      We should refer anyone to a FAQ on the wiki.


      Ori Idan
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