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2471Re: [hackers-il] Re: Re: Cryptic Opinions [was RE: Ways to do it - Take 2]

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  • Arik Baratz
    May 15, 2002
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      Shlomi Fish wrote:


      > In any case, I like explicit and direct communication. I don't believe in
      > cues, subtle hints, etc. because they can be misleading, and like you
      > said, requires training and an _explicit_ cognitive process of
      > interpreting them. If you want to convey a clear message, don't rely on
      > any of them. Say what you want to convey, and if you don't - don't wonder
      > that people don't understand you or misinterpret you.
      I'm afraid that your beliefs in the matter means nothing to the people
      you interact with, at least in the first stages where they don't know
      you and have to create their first impression of you.

      Although some people will appreciate your straightforward, direct and
      unambiguous communications, others (the majority of people on the
      planet, it seems) would not.

      And by *purposely* ignoring the subliminal channel of your
      communications, you not only open the door for misinterpretation, you
      perpetuate the misinterpretation. You are transmitting something on that
      channel, like it or not. By just ignoring it you may be more sincere. By
      purposefully transmitting a stream of zeroes on that channel you deliver
      a stong message of reluctance to adhere to the conventions of society,
      and that message is received VERY badly by a high precentage of the
      people around you. Subliminally, but strong enough for them not to like
      you, or have a bad impression of you.

      Maybe less so in the Technion, but the people who find themselves in the
      Technion care much less about social conventions, by definition :-)

      Gilad has stated the best solution IMHO - go learn NLP. I know it has
      changed the way I look at life. I think NLP can be classified as actual
      hacking. It's a skill for maniplating a system - for fun and/or profit.
      Much like social engineering, it deals with wetware.

      I still got a lot to learn myself, since I make a lot of mistakes daily.
      At least I know when I do.

      Take care.

      -- Arik
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