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2469Re: [hackers-il] Re: Cryptic Opinions [was RE: Ways to do it - Take 2]

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  • Gilad Ben-Yossef
    May 15, 2002
      On Wed, 2002-05-15 at 09:44, Shlomi Fish wrote:
      > On 15 May 2002, Gilad Ben-Yossef wrote:
      > > On Wed, 2002-05-15 at 08:05, Shlomi Fish wrote:
      > > >
      > > > I fail to understand the two of you. First Guy gives me a cryptic message
      > > > about "lack of replies". I cannot deduce from it his opinion or what he
      > > > thinks the opinions of the list are. Then, Arik says "hear hear". And
      > > > again, I cannot deduce his opinion about Guy's opinion, his opinion about
      > > > Guy's opinion about the list's opinions, or his opinion about the original
      > > > posting.
      > >
      > > Shlomi,
      > >
      > > Have you ever considered taking a Turing test? ;-)
      > Does this answer your question? Do you qualify naive or
      > common-sense-deprived as computer-like?

      No. I qualify "having trouble parsing communication because unawarness
      to implicit cues delivering social context" as computer like. Sometimes
      what humans *don't* say or how they say it is much more important then
      what they do say.

      Hackers are nutorious for missing out these sublte cues and getting
      confused when they fail to parse the explicit communication because of
      lack of the underlying context.

      I am not trying to be flame you or some such all, you've asked for a
      striaght out explenation and that's what I've supplied. As a matter of
      fact I had the very same problem for a long time and sometiems still do.
      The good news is you CAN learn this skill.

      The even better news is that once you do you'll discover tha because
      you've learned in an explicit aware manner what most people absorve with
      their mother's milk you are much aware of these social cues and
      sub-contexts then most people are. This can enable you to 'read' someone
      you're communicating with and learn more then he or she wanted to reveal
      about their motives and reasons for behaviour. Sometimes you can even
      manipulate this hidden channel of communication to help you pursade
      people by 'speaking' in the right way that will work with your
      counterpart; sort of modern days 'speaking with tounges' from the bible.
      note that I am NOT talking about saying somthing else to please the
      lsitener - I am talking about saying it in a different way to please the
      listener (presentation, not content). Don't be confused.

      This is a very big aqnd interesting field that deals with the
      dissmenation of ideas, memes, thought viruses and meta viruses. If
      you're really interested, go read 'Snow Crash' and search for Neuro
      Lingual Programing (Warning: there are a lot of bullshitters in this
      field, just like anything else. Don't take anything for granted).

      > There is no IGLU Cabal! None of them could pass the Turing test. But
      > stranegely enough a computer program they coded, could.


      Gilad Ben-Yossef <gilad@...>
      Code mangler, senior coffee drinker and VP SIGSEGV
      Qlusters ltd.

      "To err is human. To realy fsck up you need a computer. For
      those really large scale disastears, an SSI cluster is a must."
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