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1909Vim xmms front-end Rev. 3

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  • Shlomi Fish
    Feb 12, 2002
      The macros are now:

      map <F3> 0"5y$ji<CR><ESC>ki<C-R>5<ESC>:s/'/'\\''/ge<CR>0"5y$:!xmms -e '<C-R>5'<CR><CR>ddk

      map <S-F3> 0"5y$ji<CR><ESC>ki<C-R>5<ESC>:s/'/'\\''/ge<CR>0"5y$:!xmms '<C-R>5'<CR><CR>ddk

      And the command to execute is again "ls | gvim -". Now single-quotes (and
      all other charactersare) are handled correctly and the code is fool-proof,
      and cannot execute arbitrary commands.

      What I did was copy the register to a new line. Exec a regex substitute on
      it to handle the single quotes. Then, yank it again and use it, and when
      everything is finished delete the line and position myself on the original

      I dare say these vi macros look like line noise, but the funny thing is I
      could spot some patterns there and understand it. I don't know how capable
      I am of reading other people's vi macros, but it's a start.


      Shlomi Fish

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