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2000-01: Bargain books, Ubin brochure, Bangkok Post Internet Edition & the Star Online

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  • N. Sivasothi
    ... Habitatnews 2000-01: Saturday, 8th January 1999 The Habitat Group s Nature Information List To subscribe, email: habitatnews-subscribe@onelist.com ...
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      Habitatnews 2000-01: Saturday, 8th January 1999
      The Habitat Group's Nature Information List
      To subscribe, email: habitatnews-subscribe@onelist.com
      Current nature-related news busy Singaporeans might otherwise miss
      Archives: http://www.onelist.com/archive/habitatnews
      Selamat Hari Raya everyone!

      1. Recent Bargain Books - one at Popular and one at Border's
      2. New brochure highlighting danger spots of Ubin
      3. Bangkok Post - forest department curses forest destroyers!
      4. The Star Online: photos by Jakarta street children

      ---> [1] Recent bargain books
      Recent bargain books are books that on sale for cheap or absurd
      prices, possibly because bookstores are clearing these to free up
      warehouse space. Popular and Big Bookshop used to frequently clear
      such books, but in recent years, the tap has almost run dry.

      But surprises still abound, and I make it a point to pop in for 10
      minutes when in the vicinity. I am rarely in town, though,
      so please email me the details if you see something interesting.

      "Incredible Journeys featuring the world's greatest animal
      travellers." by Nigel MARVEN (1997). BBC Books. 192 pp.
      S$14.90 at Popular Book Shop, Bukit Timah Plaza; may possibly be
      at other outlets. At least 10 copies available. Original price
      estimated to be at least $30.

      This book accompanies the BBC TV series of the same name. It
      features the journeys of the barn swallow, caribou calf,
      short-finned eel, monarch butterfly, grey whale and rattlesnake.

      "Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Dinosaurs"
      by David NORMAN (1985). Salamander Books, 208 pp.
      $15.99 at bargain section at BORDERS Book Store, Orchard Road. The
      top few have damaged dust jackets, but the rest below are fine. At
      least 20 copies available. Original price estimated >$30.

      This book describes the various species of dinosaurs in
      considerable detail. Nice photographs and illustrations.

      ---> [2] New brochure highlighting danger spots in Pulau Ubin
      by ARISTOTLE MOTII, Channel News Asia, 30 December 1999: 2.51pm

      Pulau Ubin's rustic charms have proved fatal for at least five
      youths in the past few years. In July 1999, NParks produced a
      brochure highlighting the dangers, and precautions to adopt, for
      organisers of outdoor activities in Pulau Ubin [Habitatnews
      No. 99-33, 24th June 1999].

      Late last month, a new brochure was announced by the Siglap
      Citizens Consultative Committee, highlighting the potential
      danger spots in Pulau Ubin, in the four major languages.

      "Ultimately, the safety of every visitor to the island depends on
      the visitors themselves. Every visitor must exercise personal
      responsibility or personal safety," said Mr Robert Teo Chee Hin,
      Senior Manager (Pulau Ubin) at the National Parks Board.

      About Pulau Ubin, see: http://www.nparks.gov.sg/nature/f_ubin.htm
      Information Kiosk: 542-4108 Police Post: 542-8864
      Getting there: SBS No. 2 or 29 to Changi point bus interchange,
      then take a 10 minute bumboat ride from Changi point jetty to Pulau
      Ubin (single fare $1.50, additional $1 for a bike). Entry is free.

      * DAILY NEWS - like other online editions, it is updated at midday:

      While The Star Online (MY) and the Straits Times Interactive (SG)
      currently host a seven day archive, the Bangkok Post Internet Edition
      does much better with a 2-month archive! See:

      Plodprasop puts curse on forest destroyers
      Bangkok Post Internet Edition, Thu, 30th December 99 [report]
      'Frustrated in its campaigns against loggers, encroachers and
      poachers, the Forestry Department sought divine intervention
      yesterday. Plodprasop Suraswadi, the department director, made
      offerings to the gods in a Brahmin rite to bless his officials
      and curse the forest destroyers.'

      -----> [4] The STAR Online
      * Daily News - updated at midday.

      * 7-day archive

      "Through their eyes" by SLOBODAN LEKIC
      The Star Online: Thu, 6th Jan 2000 [AP report]
      'In the photo, children scavenge for food in a mountain of trash,
      their skin stained by filth, their faces covered with scarves
      against the stench. Occasionally, bulldozers push more trash down
      the slope, burying those who can't get out of the way --- one of
      the images the street children captured, on display in the
      National Gallery in Jakarta.

      The number of Indonesian children begging in Jakarta's streets has
      soared since the Asian financial crisis erupted in 1997. The
      government estimates 17 million families do not have enough to eat,
      and the United Nations Children's Fund says 50% of Indonesian
      children are malnourished.'

      "I told them this is your chance to tell your story," said British
      photojournalist Jonathan Perugia, who handed out cameras to about
      30 street children for the project.
      Have you clicked today? http://www.hungersite.com
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