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No. 99-01: Go Green today, Purple Herons and Otters, dengue, floods, animal abuse

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  • N. Sivasothi
    Happy New Year everyone! This is late, unfortunately, due to server problems! ... Habitatnews No. 99-01: Monday, 4th January 1999 The Habitat Group s Nature
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      Happy New Year everyone!
      This is late, unfortunately, due to server problems!
      Habitatnews No. 99-01: Monday, 4th January 1999
      The Habitat Group's Nature Information List
      For the period: Wed 30th Dec 98- Sat 2nd Jan 98
      Current nature-related news busy Singaporeans might otherwise miss
      To subscribe, email: habitatnews-subscribe@onelist.com
      Newspaper archive links will expire; valid for past 7-days only

      1. Sg Buloh NP: Purple Herons nesting and otters return again!
      2. Dead birds wanted.
      3. TV - Go Green TODAY
      4. Report - 5,020 Dengue cases as of 12 Dec 98
      5. Report - Index of 'green' news, 1998
      6. Report - SEC persuades companies to go green
      7. Letter - Possible cause and solution to recent floods
      8. Report - Flood situation in Johor
      9. Report - JC students to give talks on environment
      10. Report - Petting Zoo sabotaged
      11. Letter - Ecotourism can stop abuse of nature
      12. Letter - Teach right values to prevent cruelty to animals
      13. Report - Stolen Kek Lok Si Temple tortoises can't be sold

      -----> [1] Purple Herons and Otters in Sg Buloh Nature Park
      Make your way along ROUTE 2 in Sungei Buloh Nature Park (SBNP), and you will
      hear the noisy Purple Herons long before you see them. Approaching the
      heronry, you will see some of these large birds swoop in holding twigs in
      their beaks, for many are building nests right now. Nesting on a
      mini-island across a narrow channel, you will spot a Grey Heron or two
      amongst the Purple Herons. They can all be easily seen for these are the
      amongst the largest birds in the park, and their nests are perched on the
      tree tops. It is certainly a restful sight, so make your way there soon.

      Recent reports have also pointed to the presence of a pair of otters,
      probably Smooth Otters (Lutrogale perspicillata). These larger than the
      Small-clawed Otter that you see in the zoo, and there have been numerous
      reports since late November about their presence. If you are lucky, you
      might spot the pair. Leave a note in the Visitor's Log Book if you do. They
      have been observed mainly in the western part of the park, around the
      freshwater ponds and the mangrove arboretum. Happy otter-ing!

      It's also a good time to see the migratory waders feeding at the mudflats
      and ponds. Check the newspapers for the times of high tide, when these
      birds are forced to abandon the flooded mudflats and move inshore, into the
      ponds at SBNP. Bring an umbrella for it is almost always drizzling.
      Umbrellas and binoculars are available for rent at the park.

      -----> [2] Dead birds can be used in research project
      Wang Luan Keng with Sievert Rohwer (University of Washington) are conducting
      research on "Phylogeography of birds in South-east Asia". Luan Keng is able
      to extract samples for DNS analysis from dead birds, so if you see any dead
      birds, don't let that carcass go to waste; please email

      -----> [3] Go Green TODAY, Monday 4th Jan 99: TCS 5: 7.30pm
      1. Wildlife flourish amidst the develpoment on P. Bukom and P. Semakau
      2. Featuring a machine that cleans ventilator shafts in buildings;
      ?probably related to the Sick Building Syndrome.
      3. How living and working spaces can be made more environmentally conducive.
      [submitted by Alvin Wong]

      -----> [4] "How the year hit me" by JANICE TAY
      The Straits Times Interactive: Wed 30th Dec 98 [report]
      Mother, brother and sister all hit by dengue: The Nahs are among the 5,020
      cases that have been reported as of Dec 12, compared to the 4,212 cases last

      -----> [5] "The Green Index"
      The Straits Times Interactive: Wed 30th Dec 98 [report]
      Summary of 'Green' headlines for 1998

      -----> [6] "Best time now to persuade companies to go green"
      The Straits Times Interactive: Wed 30th Dec 98 [report]
      The Singapore Environment Council believes that an economic crisis is the
      best time to persuade companies to go green.

      -----> [7] "Enforce greening to cut flooding" by WONG YEW KWAN
      The Straits Times Interactive: Wed 30th Dec 98 [letter]
      'Could it be that in some heavily concreted areas, surface run-off,
      resulting from heavy rainstorms, has far exceeded the discharge capacities
      of our drains and canals?'

      -----> [8] "Heavy rain forecast for east coast" [of Malaysia]
      The Star Online: Fri 1st Jan 99 [report]

      -----> [9] "Teens to take green message to primary schools"
      The Straits Times Interactive: Fri 1st Jan 99 [report]
      Keith Tan (NYJC) and Vinothini Apok (RJC) spurred to give talks on
      conservation and the environment to primary school children after attending
      United Nations environment programmes.

      -----> [10] "Vandals strike at petting zoo" by CHONG CHEE KIN
      The Straits Times Interactive: Fri 1st Jan 99 [report]

      -----> [11] "Eco-tourism can stop nature abuse here" by GAN YUNG CHYAN
      The Straits Times Interactive: Fri 1st Jan 99 [letter]

      -----> [12] "Teach right values to stop cruelty against animals" By TAN SAI
      The Straits Times Interactive: Sat 2nd Jan 99 [letter]

      -----> [13] "Little foreign interest in stolen tortoises"
      The Star Online: Fri 1st Jan 99 [report]
      Restaurateurs in China and Taiwan will not buy the estimated 250 tortoises
      stolen from Kek Lok Si Temple's Liberation Pond because the reptiles are of
      poor quality.
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