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2000-22: More otters at Buloh! Underwater gallery, Noah's Ark; GM Food; Green Map; Turtles

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  • N. Sivasothi
    ... Habitatnews 2000-22: Thursday, 7th June 2000 The Habitat Group s Nature Information List To subscribe, email: habitatnews-subscribe@onelist.com ... Current
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      2000-22: More otters at Buloh! Underwater gallery, Noah's Ark; GM Food; Green Map; Turtles --------------------------------------------------------------------
      Habitatnews 2000-22: Thursday, 7th June 2000
      The Habitat Group's Nature Information List
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      Current nature-related news busy Singaporeans might otherwise miss
      Archives etc available at the webpage:
      1. Second Smooth Otter otter cub at Sungei Buloh [report]
      2. Webpage gallery - Leung Hin Man's underwater photos [feature]
      3. Noah's Ark Lodge survives with a shift to Malaysia [report]
      4. Genetic Modification Advisory Committee speaks up [report]

      World Environment Day
      5. Green Map launched on Sunday, 4th June, 2000 [report]
      6. The Star Online's feature articles - "Li'l Green Steps"

      Feature - Save the turtles
      7-9.The Sea Turtle Outreach Programme in Malaysia and others [articles]
      10. Link to links!
      Brisk walks on all Sunday mornings, May and June
      Check details/reports at http://habitatnews.nus.edu.sg/briskwalk.html

      1-4 Current
      ---> [1] Second Smooth Otter cub sighted at Sungei Buloh NP
      The family of Smooth otters (an adult pair and one sub-adult) were
      last seen was in March 2000. After an absence of almost two months,
      the family reappeared with an additional cub as early as 15th May 2000!
      It appears that the female gave birth between this time, giving rise
      to a family group of four.'  Source: S. M. A. Rashid.
      See http://otter.nus.edu.sg/singapore/buloh.html

      ---> [2] Webpage feature: An underwater gallery by Leung Hin Man
      Leung Hin Man, who claims to be only an amateur, kindly agreed to share a gallery of his underwater photos with Habitatnews. I love the "Lone Ranger" photo the best.

      ---> [3] Update on Noah's Ark Lodge - "After the storm comes the rainbow"
      Habitatnews webpage, Monday, 23rd May 2000
      "The response for these 2 weeks has been very encouraging." Still urgently needed: homes for mid-sized dogs, and for the long term, donations to help finance the move to Malaysia and the upkeep of the animals. Plans have been made to modernise the sponsorship programme to meet the challenges ahead. The current crisis has been likened to the flood, and just as the original ark survived stormy waters, Noah's Ark Lodge will survive by relocating to Malaysia, and resume its role as a sanctuary to animals. More details listed on the webapage including their proposals, upcoming events,

      ---> [4] "Singapore to release uniform standard to regulate GM foods"
      Catcha News, Wed 7th June 2000
      Apparently, the Genetic Modification Advisory Committee (GMAC) has said that a uniform standard to regulate research on genetically modified food will be released soon. Currently, none exists. They apparently also want to create public awareness of GM foods through education, beginning with a website - but no URL was provided.

      If you are clueless, read this short and snappy piece:
      "GM Food: How much do we know" by MARK XU
      Food Focus, PSB: Jul-Sep 1999

      Announcement of GMAC's establishment and committee members
      NSTB Press Release, 11th May 2000

      The Australians have a much older setup:
      Genetic Manipulation Advisory Committee
      Interestingly, the "M" in their GMAC stands for Manipulation!

      5-6 In conjunction with World Environment Day, Mon 5th Jun 2000
      ---> [5] "Green map of Singapore out..." by LEA WEE
      The Straits Times Interactive, Sunday, 4th June 2000
      'The Singapore Environment Council launched the Green Map of Singapore on Sunday, 4th June at the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. The poster-sized map is printed on both sides and can be folded into a pamphlet. It lists the usual well-known nature spots and also places such as the Nature Niche bookshop, health food and vegetarian stores, high-tech farms, recycling points, and environmental groups, and even some of the original wet markets. Information on the map was collated by a group of 60 student volunteers from the council, led by junior college teacher Derek Truman.'

      ---> [6] The Star Online (Malaysia): Li'l Green Steps
      The Star Online featured a series of articles celebrating 'individuals and corporations, industries and conservation groups that are taking those little steps towards a greener world.' It features the efforts of a pair of turtle conservationists (see below), Shangri-La KL, a palm-oil mill, De-NOx Asia, Motorola, and cyberactivists which includes the 30 or more NGOs behind the excellent website,"Save Our Sungei Selangor" http://www.savesungaiselangor.org/

      ---> [7] "Pacific leatherback turtles face extinction" by Spotila et al.,
      Nature 405, 529 - 530 (1st June 2000)
      'The dwindling numbers of leatherback turtles are signalling a threat to biodiversity in the oceans. A mathematical model based on their assessment of a once-large leatherback population predicts that unsustainable adult mortality, apparently due to human fishing activity, will soon drive this population to extinction.'

      ---> [8] "Watching over our turtles" by HILARY CHIEW
      The Star Online, Tuesday, 6th June 2000
      'The Sea Turtle Outreach Programme (STOP) promotes turtle conservation awareness among Malaysians by inviting the public to participate in volunteer schemes. Developed in 1998, the programme is part of the Sea Turtle Research Unit (Seatru) attached to the Science and Technology Faculty of University College Terengganu-UPM.  In support of the programme, The Star's Section 2 will be running monthly updates on nesting data and other information.'  To volunteer for STOP or to inquire about adopting a turtle or a nest, contact Dr Chang Eng Heng or Liew Hock Chark at 09-669 6411 or e-mail: seatru@...

      ---> [9] "Tale of the turtle lovers" by HILARY CHIEW
      The Star Online, Monday, 5th June 2000
      "It begins with small steps. Then, almost before you know it, you're running a programme to save green turtles and you've become an authority on the threatened creatures in Malaysia.  The first small step marine biologist Liew Hock Chark and his wife cum comrade-in-arms Chan Eng Heng took was to go turtle watching after they met at Universiti Sains Malaysia in Penang. While they were falling in love with each other, they were also falling for those ancient marine reptiles."

      ---> [10] Link to links!
      The Asian Turtle Crisis,
      New York Turtle & Tortoise Society

      Of particular interest:
      Cuc Phong Conservation Project, Vietnam
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