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Radical democracy in Iraq

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  • matthew_piscioneri
    [You wrote] ... totally ... strongly ... Isn t habermas s project at least as susceptible to dialectical inversion? Mind you his *ambitious* heart appears to
    Message 1 of 4 , May 1, 2003
      [You wrote]

      > This problem has everything to do with unresolved conflicts in the
      > Hegelian concept of theory (reflecting influence up to today in the
      > schizophrenic character of 'post/progressivist' thinking) of which
      > JH's reconstructive effort in his _The Philosophical Discourse of
      > Modernity_ is intended to resolve. JH's conclusion is that the
      > paradigm of consciousness in the philosophy of the subject is
      > exhausted and should be replaced by a pragmatic communication
      > framework and Reason interpreted as communicative action. I
      > agree.

      Isn't habermas's project at least as susceptible to dialectical

      Mind you his *ambitious* heart appears to me to be in the right
      place. The extent of ethical democratic *imperialism* in the present
      realpolitik would seem to be to guarantee an election in Iraq. The
      most you can do for your brother or sister is to give them the
      opportunity to make up their own consciousness. Democracy is very



      > >I think I know what you mean. So presumably you are with Habermas
      > >then, in that you would preserve progressivist solidarity? But is
      > >that because you attach a value to "progressivist solidarity" or
      > >because you perceive that you will be left freer to construct power
      > >sentences in which the world corresponds to your Selfish vision of
      > >than if the potentially suicide-bombing leftists were not so
      > >distracted?
      > >
      > >Tommy
      > I attach value to "progressivist solidarity". But what can 'we'
      > mean by this sign? Is it a sign in speculative metaphysics
      > (philosophy of the subject) only? From where, with whom and in what
      > substantial meaning with terms? The notion of communicative reason
      > with which I agree is that "power sentences in which the world
      > corresponds" to my "Selfish vision" can only find a substantial
      > meaning in practical, communicative engagement with others also
      > willing to give hearing.
      > -Tom McDonald
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