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[Habermas] Re: fascism?

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  • Tommy Beavitt
    Brother Matthew! Thank you for your kind words. Actually, your idea of my torment is misplaced. I am a happy man. The sun is currently streaming in the
    Message 1 of 31 , Apr 1, 2003
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      Brother Matthew!

      Thank you for your kind words. Actually, your idea of my "torment" is
      misplaced. I am a happy man. The sun is currently streaming in the
      window and my children are playing beautifully. It can be helpful as
      "therapy" to work through ideas relating to world conflict.

      Part of this "monastical" working through of ideas is the
      acknowledgement of one's own mortality. I continue to believe that it
      is better to die than to kill; more important to die well than to
      live a long life. However, as a parent one has a duty to continue to
      live for as long as one's children are reliant on one's care. This
      over-rides all other considerations (the implication being that one
      is a parent before one is a Self).

      However your no doubt well-meaning comment about monitoring by the
      security forces does raise issues (Hello Hank!!!). If true, then I
      think I am probably right about who are the true fascists! Especially
      if Hank and his henchmen come knocking at my door (address appears
      below; I look forward to it). At least then I would be certain that I
      had "won" this "argument".

      It is interesting that the issues I have been following through are
      not themselves thought worthy of discussion. Perhaps it is thought
      they have become too personalized and so the discussion moves to
      concern about my "state of well being".

      I have a maxim: "always be at least as weird as the weirdest other
      person in any given situation". This is akin to the American
      superpower maxim of "always wreak at least ten times as much
      destruction as the amount of destruction you think your enemy may be
      capable or wreaking". But it is the communicationalist alternative.
      It is an observation that violence is often the result of weirdness
      being shunned or ignored. The refusal to communicate with someone who
      is suffering from a dose of weirdness often leads to that person
      becoming psychopathic. I really don't know if this principle can be
      extrapolated to include entities eg. Saddam's Ba'ath regime. But it
      may be worth trying.

      Intellectuals sometimes follow a similar principle. If an opponent is
      using arcane terminology to boggle you, use even more arcane
      terminology so that the boggler himself becomes boggled. This however
      is far from being my intention and I hope that I have expressed my
      weirdness as clearly and as respectfully of the frames of reference
      of the audience as possible.

      Finally, I hope that my philosophizing has not been "oppressive of
      others". This is far from being my intention.

      Thanks again


      >Dear Brother Thomas :-),
      >I am a little concerned at your state of well being. Methinks you are
      >spending too much time in the monastic cell, and not enough time in
      >the garden. I went for a walk on the mountain overlooking our city
      >two days ago, and just seeing the sun's rays filtering through the
      >foliage was enough to lift my spirits. After all, philosophical
      >thinking IMO is intended to liberate the self not oppress the self or
      >others. This isn't to deny that sometimes too much thinking has hurt
      >my head, which is why I can empathize with your torment.
      >Also as a parent I think I can understand your account of the deep
      >rootedness of your concern for the well being of others who are
      >presently being oppressed. One's love for one's own children
      >almost "logically" leads one to universalize this love for all
      >children. Then, and remaining within this logic, it is clear that all
      >of us were once children so like it or not this same love needs to be
      >transposed over humanity.
      >I was thinking today that even two weeks ago – before the Coalition
      >took military action – the world was a much more pleasant place. BTW
      >on a practical level I wouldn't be surprised if political-leaning
      >discussion lists such as this were being monitored by agents of the
      >security forces.
      >Take care,
      >Brother Matthew ;-).
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    • Gary E Davis
      No, Matt. I don t believe I m fixated on anything. I DO care about lots of issues, like you. Accordingly, I collect lots of information on lots of issues, so I
      Message 31 of 31 , Apr 1, 2003
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        No, Matt. I don't believe I'm fixated on anything.

        I DO care about lots of issues, like you. Accordingly, I
        collect lots of information on lots of issues, so I am able
        often to have evidence for my claims.

        But, of course, caring about issues doesn't require
        fixation in order to be genuine.


        --- matthew_piscioneri <mpiscioneri@...> wrote:
        > Gary,
        > I suspect you are pulling my leg:
        > > Matt, I was continuing to respond to a theme you
        > > introduced, and doing so relative to your comments. To
        > see
        > > continued response to you on this as my fixation on
        > that
        > > theme is subject-centered.
        > The fixation is NOT anything to do with your continued
        > response to
        > this thread (for which I appreciate). The fixation *from
        > your
        > perspective* I detect is on how "them" perceive the U.S
        > (you refer to
        > the Pew report, for eg.)
        > My concern is the other way around (James Baker's also
        > apparently):
        > How the U.S perceives the rest of us poor buggers out
        > here hoping to
        > see a cosmopolitan world evolve around the principles of
        > peace,
        > compassion and cultural integrity and respect.
        > MattP.
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